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25 Oct 2019

Halal Guide to 10 Burgers in Singapore Other Than From Fast Food Joints

Halal Guide to 10 Burgers in Singapore Other Than From Fast Food Joints

These American classics are far from being a stranger in the Singapore food scene but more often than not, the Halal versions of burgers are limited to either only pasar malam Ramly burgers or those from fast-food joints. This fun read will not only widen your circle of options when it comes to burger cravings but will also let you in on the best Halal burgers Singapore can offer you. Check out our curated list of 10 highly recommended spots serving up mouthwatering burgers that also cater to our Muslim friends!

1. Citrus Bistro

Source: Citrus Bistro


Citrus Bistro is located in a multi-facility hub housing a community centre, sports fitness hub and swimming pool. This family restaurant is an eight minutes walk away from Farmway LRT and is actually the sister branch of Citrus By The Pool located at Woodlands Swimming Complex. Patrons will be in for alfresco dining with the best view of the buzzing pool and water slides where families and children are having the best time, splashing the afternoon away. Citrus Bistro is also strategically placed for a post-swim meal. After all, nothing beats sinking your teeth into a sinful burger after a day of swimming.

This beach house inspired restaurant is big on western dishes and you can find the likes of pasta, steak, sandwiches and burgers on their menu. There are three variations of in-house burgers namely, Little Boss, BIG Boss and Da Burger Bomb.

The BIG Boss Burger is built with toasted charcoal buns, two thick and juicy beef and mutton patties, a whopping amount of caramelised onions, tomato, cucumber and chunky satay sauce. Some fusion dishes can be a hit or miss but it is definitely the former for this burger. Meanwhile, the Little Boss Burger shares the same ingredients with the BIG Boss Burger, just that it comes with a single meat patty - the perfect size for children or if you’re on a diet cheat day! 

Da Burger Bomb is a must-try. Glazed teriyaki chicken for a patty, silky sunny side up, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The runny yolk adds onto the richness level to the burger, it’ll leave you thinking about it for days. Forgo your utensils and eat this delicious goodness with your hands to savour every bite.

Address: 57 Anchorvale Road, #01-01, Sengkang Sports Centre, Singapore 544964

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 9am-9pm (Including Public Holiday)

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2. The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Source: The Halia

The Halia, ginger in Malay, is nestled within the lush Ginger Garden of Singapore Botanic Gardens where over 250 species of gingers with their stunning foliage and colourful flowers thrive. They first began operations in 2001 and fast-forward 6 years later, they received their Halal certification. If you are familiar with this restaurant, you should know they serve their dishes at almost a fine dining level there. 

Since its opening, it has undergone a few enhancements here and there to further elevate the service and facilities. Now, you can choose to have your meals on the elevated deck alfresco and eat surrounded by the natural breeze and greenery for a change. Make your way here easily through the Tyersall Avenue entrance and you will soon come across a charming single-storey building no less than 5 minutes later.

The Halia specialises in fusion dishes that incorporate Asian elements into modern cuisine and you can say the same for their signature homemade burger. The Wagyu Beef Burger incorporates 180 grams of Wagyu beef patty, Gherkin relish (pickled cucumber), smoked cheddar, iceberg lettuce, habanero aioli and a side of fries. A sight for the eyes and a treat for the stomach!

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden, Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-9.30pm
Friday & Eve of Public Holiday: 9am-10pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: 10am-9.30pm

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3. DC Super Heroes Cafe 

Source: DC Super Heroes Cafe


As a child, you must have had fantasies of hanging out with your favourite superheroes and got excited at the slightest thoughts of going to superhero-themed parks. Now, you can have DC Superhero themed meals while surrounded by the likes of iconic life-sized statues of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Every inch of the cafe is covered with the logos and faces of the Justice League with screens playing movies and shows from the DC Comics universe.

At DC Super Heroes Cafe, the menu and interior largely revolve around the Justice League and boasts more than 150 mains, sides, drinks and desserts. Halal-certified, American-diner styled and vegetarian options are available. What a winner! This particular cafe is also a proud owner to best-selling specialty burgers; the Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger and Superman: A Smallville Original Free Range Chicken Burger.

The Batman’s Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger takes on the characteristics of the said superhero to a tee what with the charcoal brioche buns and the Dark Knight logo (made out of cheese!) sitting atop it. for an authentic taste of Gotham City, dive into the succulent 180 grams wagyu beef patty topped with freshly grilled portobello mushroom and a side of mesclun salad, red onions and shoe-string fries.

Popular opinion: Superman is the prominent face of the DC Super Heroes what with his tight-fitting blue and red latex costume and the yellow “S” logo on his chest. At the cafe, the burger in tribute to his name, Superman: A Smallville Original Free Range Chicken Burger, comes with a chicken patty, bacon, gouda cheese and a sunny-side-up egg. Like Batman’s, the signature “S” logo is also made of cheese, sitting pretty on the burger bun. Alternate your burger bites with mesclun salad, salsa and nacho chips for a super-packed meal.


  • 391A Orchard Road, #02-13, Takashimaya, Singapore 238873
  • 2 Bayfront Avenue, L1-03, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

Opening Hours:


  • Monday-Sunday: 10am-10pm

Marina Bay Sands

  • Monday-Thursday: 11:30am-11pm
  • Friday: 11:30am-11:30pm
  • Saturday: 11am-11:30pm
  • Sunday: 11am-11pm

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4. Ministry of Burgers  

Source: Ministry of Burgers


Ministry of Burgers was brought about when its founders yearned for a regular dose of authentic Ramly burgers, like those sold in the streets of Malaysia, whenever they want here in Singapore. They saw an opportunity and took it. So what makes Ministry of Burgers special from the pasar malam Ramly burgers? The patties here are noticeably thicker and special in-house sauces are used for a taste that cannot be imitated anywhere else. 

The Thunder Burger and Rainbow Burger are both a four-patty stacked high burger (yes not one or two but four!) with the usual vegetable and sauces. While you get to choose two different types of patties - Chicken, Veggie, Beef & Fish - for the Thunder Burger, you can select up to four different flavours for the Rainbow Burger.

As of date, there are five versions of their classic take on Ramly burgers; chicken, beef, fish, vegetable and egg. The Chicken and Beef Burgers both take on the traditional Ramly style of cooking but with custom made 80 grams thick patties. The Fish Burger is carefully cooked so that its crispy on the outside yet remains soft on the inside. If you have a vegan friend, its time to bring them here for the Vegetable Burger. Indulge in the soy-based patty coupled with lettuce and tomatoes. Last but not least, the Egg Benjo Burger substitutes the usual meat patty for an egg-shaped patty. Affordable and scrumptious, all five of these egg-wrapped patties and special sauces between buns will remain an eternal crowd favourite.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #01-30, White Sands Shopping Centre, Singapore 518457

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 11am–10pm

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5. (working title) 

Source: (working title)


When (working title) pulled down its shutter last December, many were sad as it was the first few Halal cafes in Singapore. Fans of the cafe were not left sad for too long though as they soon announced a re-opening of the cafe, three months later on March 2019. While the backyard from the initial location at Arab Street is long gone, some of the old decors are reused to bring forth a modern retro style with the eccentric mismatched furniture and accessories. The once hidden kitchen now features an open concept where you can watch your orders being prepared live in real-time!

(working title) did some work on their menu which has since then featured 10 different burger varieties on the menu. The burgers are classified into three separate categories: Keep It Basic, (working title) Favourites and (working title) Signature. There is definitely something for everyone with beef, chicken and vegetarian options to choose from. 

Keep It Basic offers Beef, Chicken, Cheese and Fish burgers where each serving will come with regular-sized fried. Have something different and opt for the Fish Burger built with freshly battered dory fillet, coleslaw salad, grilled pineapple and homemade tartar sauce. Every bite will be bursting with flavours from the crunch of the fillet to the juicy pineapple cuts. 

The (working title) Favourites boasts 4 renditions of their take on burgers; the Bacanator, Baaa-ger, Magic Truffle Mushroom and Holy Guacamole. The Baaa-ger is one-of-a-kind with its freshly grounded lamb patty (hence the name) topped with provolone cheese, pickled red onion, spiralled cucumber, slaw, tomatoes, sour ranch and homemade garlic aioli. The rich taste of lamb is nothing short of exquisite and will keep you going for more bites. The Magic Truffle Mushroom too is another crowd-pleaser. The patty is handmade from grilled portobello mushrooms, a drizzle of truffle oil, provolone cheese and caramelised onions. We love it when non-meat ingredients go into a patty and are executed really well. Kudos to (working title) for this!

(working title) Signature’s consists of the Tower of Power and Wagyu Burger. Tower of Power is not only generous in size but also in ingredients. This almighty burger came about by stacking three freshly grounded beef patties, gooey cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, crushed tater tots, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade BBQ sauce. A good burger can never upset anyone and that is what (working title) came back for.

Address: 783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 12-10pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm (Last Order: 10:30pm)

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6. KawKaw SG  

Source: Kaw Kaw SG


KawKaw SG is strategically located at Aliwal Art Centre near the Sultan Mosque, making it the perfect pit-stop for Muslims before and after prayers as well as visitors of the art centre. This hipster cafe showcases a rustic interior with the red-bricked walls and the wooden furniture. The space is immaculately decorated with vintage items like television sets, old radios, sewing machine, display cars and these are all up for sale! Chairs are padded with comfortable cushion seats, perfect for a lounging session with friends. The cafe perimeter is big enough for a small stage where a live band performs once in a while.

With eleven burger variations on their menu, we won’t hold it against you if you have a hard time picking out what to have for lunch or dinner. To help you, here is a shortlist of some of the all-time favourite burgers at KawKaw SG.

The Smokey Beef Bacon Burger highlights a flame-grilled beef patty and beef bacon topped with sliced cheddar, jalapeños and smoky sauce. Enjoy the interesting textures of the tender patty and the crisp and crunch of bacon with every mouthful. The Permaisuri Burger, otherwise known as Queen Burger, is huge with a thick slab of fried chicken thigh, melted cheese, turkey ham slice, chicken floss and lemongrass sauce. Instead of the usual American style fries, chips and dip are served as an accompaniment to the burgers here. 

Address: 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-8.30pm
Friday: 3pm-9.30pm
Saturday: 12pm-9.30pm

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7. I am…



I am… is an open-spaced cafe which is heavily inspired by the vibes in Amsterdam and is run by three Muslim friends. It is located at the junction of North Bridge Road and Haji Lane, at the very front of the street making it impossible for anyone to miss. This unpretentious and no-frill cafe serves hearty sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizzas and huge slices of cakes for dessert. As much as eleven variety of burgers are up on I am…’s menu. Some notable ones include the ‘Sloppy’ Beef Burger, Soft-Shell Crab Burger and Cajun Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger. 

The ‘Sloppy’ Beef Burger features their signature 160 grams charcoal-grilled homemade beef patty which has been left to marinate in seven different herbs and topped with battered onion rings, sunny-side-up egg, fresh lettuce and tomato. The sauce is spot on and the patty is cooked tender with just enough juice for every bite you take. 

The Soft-Shell Crab Burger has a piece of Crispy yet soft-shell crab sandwiched between freshly toasted buns with pickled beetroot & wasabi mayonnaise. Have your Soft-Shell Crab Burger with tortilla chips and tangy salsa sauce for a refreshing combo. Last but not least, the Cajun Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger offers tender grilled chicken leg marinated with cajun mixed herbs, completed with cheese, pineapple, fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The smoky chargrilled chicken is flavour-packed and tastes even better when it meets the sweet grilled pineapple.

Heads-up, the burgers here towers in height so don’t be afraid to get messy! The full burger line-up can be viewed here.

Address: 674 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 188804

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-11pm
Friday: 9am-1am
Saturday: 8am-1am
Sunday: 8am-10pm

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8. BRIO 



BRIO is situated right in the midst of the buzzing walkways of Jurong Point and is set in a cosy, industrial setting. BRIO is family-friendly and is both trendy and casual yet still playful and cosy. The menu is European-inspired and makes use of only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, all at a very affordable price. BRIO’s extensive menu ranges from Tapas, Pizzas, Risottos, Burgers and Pasta. Not many Halal-certified Western restaurants are worthy of high praises but BRIO can have all the praises sang to them all the time.

A European meal is not complete without burgers. Calling all duck meat lovers! The Frenchie Duck Confit Burger is built with shredded duck confit before Emmental cheese and onion marmalade is piled on it. Served with arugula and thick cuts of potato fries, you will be in for a hearty treat. The French Onion Beef Burger contains juicy and thick beef patty, caramelised onion, gorgonzola, tomato, mustard mayo and potato fries. 

Burgers are not hard to love when the combination of a moist meat patty and perfectly browned onions exists. The EMO Swiss Burger consists of a tender beef patty, sunny-side-up egg, grilled mushrooms, caramelised onion, smoked cheddar, tomato, mayonnaise and a bucket of potato fries. If you are undecided, we highly recommend the EMO Swiss Burger as it has never failed our tastebuds.

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point 1, #02-24/K5, 648886

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11am-10am
Saturday-Sunday: 10.30am-10pm

Visit Brio’s website here for more information on their finger-licking menu!

9. FatPapas



FatPapas, a Halal spinoff to FatBoys, first launched in early 2017 and created quite a buzz online and in terms of long queue lines at the store in Bali Lane. This two-story shophouse is a short five-minute walk from Bugis Junction and just like its counterpart, they have gained quite a reputation for serving some of the best Halal burgers in sunny Singapore. According to co-founder Sheikh Haikel, the idea of FatPapas was to take all that was great about FatBoysand make it halal so that Muslim and non-Muslim friends can bond and create unforgettable memories together. 

There are ten Speciality Burgers on the menu but if none of those managed to catch your eye, you can choose to Build Your Own Burger instead. On the list of Specialities, the Wimpy Burger has proved itself to be a crowd favourite. It is made with house-blended beef patties, a sunny-side-up egg, turkey bacon, melted aged cheese cheddar and barbeque sauce smothered on sesame seed buns. The Bushtucker has a nice contrast between the dark buns and the creamy garlic aioli. The turkey bacon is heaven when paired with the thick beef patty and is guaranteed to satisfy your burger cravings. If you prefer something lighter, opt for the Shroom Melt where sauteed Shiitake mushrooms, beef chuck patty, cheddar cheese and garlic aioli form a harmony in between two sesame seed buns.

All the burgers are served with a side of fries and cooked well done. Pro-tip: Change up the regular potato fries to sweet potato fries for some sweet snacking!

Address: 17 Bali Lane, Singapore 189853

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-10.30pm

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10. Burgernomics 



No-frill and unpretentious. Burgernomics is set on the second level, known as the ‘Fareground’ where most of the stalls are not selling typical hawker stall food, of Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre. With a combined experience of 17 years in the F&B industry, Burgernomics was started by three good friends with the aim of keeping their burgers honest and simple, but with a distinctive Asian touch. The trio founders also aim to churn out very affordable burgers that are not just finger-lickin’ good but will leave you wanting more. Fun fact: The buns used are made fresh daily and sourced from an artisanal bakery in Joo Chiat.

The Rendang Burger incorporates pulled beef topped with sweet barbeque sauce which mimics the bursting flavours of rendang really well. At Burgernomics, the rendang sauce is prepared every day by searing and cooking Australian brisket for 48 hours. With this, the end product boasts soft cuts of beef which just melts in the mouth. Cucumber and onion slices join the burger for extra crunch. A+ for texture and taste.

The Crispy Chicken Burger is especially ideal for those who prefer deep-fried meat in their burgers. The buttermilk marinated fried chicken has a great crispy exterior and is served with apple and red cabbage slaw for the nice flavour contrast. The creamy mayo and tender juicy chicken is reminiscent of KFC’s Zinger Burger but the buttermilk marinate does it for us.

The Deluxe Burger calls for the joining of a beef patty made up of lean meat and fat, sauteed mushrooms and onions, oozing American double cheddar and a very evident taste and smell of truffle aioli. Truffle is an acquired taste so if you love all things truffle, be sure to check this out!

Address: 110 Pasir Ris Central, #02-03

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 12pm-3pm,  6pm-9pm

Visit Burgernomics here for more details on their stall!

Did we have you at Halal burgers?

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