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Top Desserts Deals in Singapore

All of us deserves a sweet treat every now and then, whether it's cakes, ice cream or waffles. Make the calories worthwhile and save more when you purchase with Deals.


  • Box of 3 by The Bun Club on Chope
    Bought 48 times

    Box of 3 by The Bun Club

    Hougang, Desserts
  • Chow Zan Desserts on Chope
    Bought 63 times

    Chow Zan Desserts

    Lavender, Desserts
  • Orchard Bundle on Chope
    Bought 43 times

    Orchard Bundle

  • Shakes by Z-Coconut on Chope
    Bought 77 times

    Shakes by Z-Coconut

    City Hall, Marina Central, Desserts
  • 2 Box of Dochi Dochi by Dochi Dochi on Chope
    Bought 34 times

    2 Box of Dochi Dochi by Dochi Dochi

    Marine Parade, Desserts
  • 2 Lava Cake with Ice Cream by Chocolate Origin on Chope
    Bought 71 times

    2 Lava Cake with Ice Cream by Chocolate Origin

    Changi Airport, Jurong, Kallang, Desserts
  • 1 Pint of Pistachio Gelato by Chocolate Origin on Chope
    Bought 38 times

    1 Pint of Pistachio Gelato by Chocolate Origin

    Changi Airport, Jurong, Kallang, Desserts
  • Pints & Cones on Chope
    Bought 45 times

    Pints & Cones

    Serangoon, Desserts
  • Volcano Donut by Kazo Cafe on Chope
    Bought 80 times

    Volcano Donut by Kazo Cafe

    Marine Parade, Cafe
  • Classic Set Meal by Kazo Cafe on Chope
    Bought 55 times

    Classic Set Meal by Kazo Cafe

    Marine Parade, Cafe
  • Seeds Cafe on Chope
    Bought 66 times

    Seeds Cafe

    Queenstown, All-Day Breakfast
  • Volcano Donut by Kazo (Suntec City) on Chope
    Bought 68 times

    Volcano Donut by Kazo (Suntec City)

    Marina Central, Desserts
  • Volcano Donut by Kazo (Jewel) on Chope
    Bought 55 times

    Volcano Donut by Kazo (Jewel)

    Changi Airport, Desserts
  • 2Six Cafe on Chope
    Bought 57 times

    2Six Cafe

    Tampines, All-Day Breakfast
  • Treat Your Sweet Tooth To The Best Desserts in Singapore

    Craving for something sweet to treat yourself or looking for a good desserts spot in Singapore to end the night’s dinner with your pals? We compiled the sweetest spots for the best desserts in Singapore you can ever ask for. This guide will open the doorway to an attractive foodie galore to please your whining sweet tooth. Topped with discounted vouchers, your desserts experience with Chope will be made unforgettable, for who would miss the chance to enjoy an extra treat at the usual price?

    All Types of Desserts in Singapore to Indulge in

    If you cannot decide what to have for desserts, consider some of these suggestions and begin your hunt for the best ice-cream, cake or yoghurt in Singapore!

    Ice-cream and waffles for the child at heart:

    Just a few minutes walk from Bishan bus interchange, homegrown Denzy Gelato churns fresh ice-cream in-house and offers a unique take on the flavours. Some popular ones include the white chocolate Blondie Beach, the non-alcoholic Elderflower Mojito Sorbet and saffron-infused Persian Prince. You can also pair your scoops with a waffle when you choose their desserts sets!

    If you are looking for a dessert spot in town, Twenty Grammes at Bugis is waffles heaven for the sweet-toothed. They serve signature crispy Belgian waffles topped with creamy ice cream scoops. For classic ice cream flavours, go for the Triple Chocolate or Rum & Raisin. If you are feeling a little adventurous, there is Lavender for those who are fans of floral flavours. The best part is you can enjoy 50% off an ice cream waffles or cake set for 4 pax with Deals, so bring 3 of your best buds for a sweet time together!

    For the love of cakes and cupcakes:

    If you’ve been hopping onto the latest Basque burnt cheesecake trend but too lazy to bake your own, we highly recommend Maison Ble’s classic Basuqe burnt cheesecake! The bakery brand refined the recipe for a more molten and crusty version of the cheesecake! If you are a huge fan of matcha, you will be delighted to know that Maison Ble also serves the perfect Matcha Burnt Cheesecake. Each 6-inch cake serves between 4 and 6 pax, and with Deals, you can enjoy 20% off these trendy cakes at Maison Ble!

    Anyone who finds it hard to turn down an offer for cake will find The Dark Gallery unforgivingly tempting! Perfect for those who had been dining in the city, a trip to town for a premium slice of cake at The Dark Gallery will be worth it. This boutique cafe is the first in Singapore to craft artisanal dark chocolate cakes and desserts, made from top grade single origins chocolates from around the world. Choose from signature cake flavours such as Hazelnut Dark Chocolate, 72% Venezuelan Mocha and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. With Deals, enjoy 33% off 3 premium sliced cakes at The Dark Gallery outlets at Millenia Walk, Takashimaya and Great World City!

    Looking for bite-sized cupcakes? Plain Vanilla bakery is a household name in Singapore, popular for their freshly baked frosted cupcakes. Some of their signature offerings include Carrot, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Cookies and Cream and Dark Chocolate Ganache. Besides their most popular branch at Tiong Bahru, you can now find Plain Vanilla at a quaint cosy spot in Telok Ayer and chic cafe within a retail boutique at ION Orchard.

    Traditional desserts to sweeten up your day:

    A must-try when travelling in Japan, the taiyaki is a fish-shaped snack which usually comes with piping hot azuki red bean filling. If you are craving for some warm buttery taiyaki during the rainy season, you’d be glad to know that you can get taiyaki-style croissants here in Singapore! Pop by Tai Croissant for their tantalizing croissants and choose from over 16 flavours including Hokkaido Custard, Okinawa Mochi, Matcha Red Bean and more! Their taiyaki croissants are generously coated with sugar to give it the extra crisp on the outside. Plus with Deals, you can enjoy 33% off a set of 3 taiyaki croissants at The Clementi Mall and Causeway Point outlets.

    For those who miss a slice of Korea, you can enjoy modern Korean-style sticky glutinous rice cakes and osmanthus rice cakes at Nam Dae Mun. The rice cakes are chopped into small, bite-sized pieces, making it great for sharing with friends! The brand prides itself on the use of healthy and natural ingredients for its cakes. If you are health conscious, rest assured that Nam Dae Mun uses less sugar, no oil and no salt for all its desserts. With Deals, you can enjoy 25% off a box of 3 cakes/mochi/drinks or 44% off a signature rice cake set at Nam Dae Mun!

    Fantastic Desserts Experience in Singapore with Chope

    Before heading out for a dessert date in Singapore, grab our dining vouchers to enjoy your sweet treat, be it a joyous scoop of ice-cream, a lovely bite of cake or a healthy dose of yoghurt!

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