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Top Dining Deals in Orchard

Every Singaporean goes to Orchard Road at least once in a fortnight! Make the most out of your trip to Orchard Road with our listings below for smarter dining choices now!

  • Basilico on Chope
    Bought 20901 times


    Orchard, Tanglin, Vegetarian Friendly, Buffet
  • Marché Mövenpick (313 Somerset) on Chope
    Bought 2742 times

    Marché Mövenpick (313 Somerset)

    Orchard, Somerset, 313 Somerset, German
  • Summer Palace on Chope
    Bought 5975 times

    Summer Palace

    Orchard, Tanglin, Asian
  • 49 Seats on Chope
    Bought 1807 times

    49 Seats

    Orchard, Noodle, Asian
  • Ohayo Mamasan on Chope
    Bought 2111 times

    Ohayo Mamasan

    Orchard, Bar
  • Wonderland Savour (Wisma Atria) on Chope
    Bought 1582 times

    Wonderland Savour (Wisma Atria)

    Orchard, Noodle, Fusion
  • LingZhi Vegetarian (Liat Towers) on Chope
    Bought 1132 times

    LingZhi Vegetarian (Liat Towers)

    Orchard, Vegetarian, Healthy Eats, Vegetarian Friendly, Asian
  • TungLok Signatures (The Central) on Chope
    Bought 1240 times

    TungLok Signatures (The Central)

    Orchard, Tanglin, Asian
  • Matchaya (Takashimaya) on Chope
    Bought 1277 times

    Matchaya (Takashimaya)

    Orchard, Somerset, Ice Cream, Cafe
  • Matsukiya on Chope
    Bought 1284 times


    Orchard, Asian
  • Xi Yan Shaw on Chope
    Bought 619 times

    Xi Yan Shaw

    Orchard, Asian
  • Group Shot from The Assembly Ground in Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore
    Bought 1287 times

    The Assembly Ground

    Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, All-Day Breakfast
  • One-Ninety on Chope
    Bought 654 times


    Orchard, Tanglin, Vegetarian Friendly, Asian
  • Kyoaji Dining on Chope
    Bought 615 times

    Kyoaji Dining

    Orchard, Japanese
  • Hanare by Takayama on Chope
    Bought 627 times

    Hanare by Takayama

    Orchard, Japanese
  • One-Ninety Bar on Chope
    Bought 435 times

    One-Ninety Bar

    Orchard, Tanglin, Vegetarian Friendly, Bar
  • Food Spread from KOAL in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 1057 times


    Orchard, Fusion
  • Maison Kayser on Chope
    Bought 340 times

    Maison Kayser

    Orchard, Chinatown, Raffles Place, Somerset, Healthy Eats, Cafe
  • Matchaya (Paragon) on Chope
    Bought 396 times

    Matchaya (Paragon)

    Orchard, Muslim-Friendly, Somerset, Ice Cream, Desserts
  • KOMYUNITI on Chope
    Bought 256 times


    Orchard, Vegetarian Friendly, Bar
  • IPPUDO (Mandarin Gallery) on Chope
    Bought 185 times

    IPPUDO (Mandarin Gallery)

    Orchard, Noodle, Asian
  • Bangkok Jam (Plaza Singapura) on Chope
    Bought 225 times

    Bangkok Jam (Plaza Singapura)

    Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, Thai
  • Mandarin Chicken Rice from Chatterbox at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 386 times


    Orchard, Vegetarian Friendly, Chinese
  • The Dining Room on Chope
    Bought 251 times

    The Dining Room

    Orchard, Newton, International
  • Greyhound Café on Chope
    Bought 193 times

    Greyhound Café

    Orchard, Burgers
  • café Q classified on Chope
    Bought 158 times

    café Q classified

    Orchard, Western
  • 	Souffle pancake from Walking On Sunshine in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 162 times

    Walking on Sunshine

    Orchard, Vegetarian Friendly, Cafe
  • Szechuan Chilli Chicken from Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro at Hilton Singapore Orchard in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 306 times

    Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

    Orchard, Vegetarian Friendly, Chinese
  • Ban! on Chope
    Bought 107 times


    Orchard, 313 Somerset, Chinese
  • Empire Hotpot on Chope
    Bought 173 times

    Empire Hotpot

    Orchard, Chinese
  • Halcyon & Crane on Chope
    Bought 92 times

    Halcyon & Crane

    Orchard, Vegetarian Friendly, All-Day Breakfast
  • BELT Burger from PAZZION Café (Takashimaya) at Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 227 times

    PAZZION Café (Takashimaya)

    Orchard, All-Day Breakfast
  • Cafe de Paris on Chope
    Bought 66 times

    Cafe de Paris

    Orchard, Cafe
  • Value-for-money Deals in Orchard Road

    Value-for-money Deals in Orchard Road
    Every Singaporean goes to Orchard Road at least once in a fortnight.

    Luckily for you, Chope offers value-for-money deals when you pre-purchase Chope vouchers from us! Make the most out of your trip to Orchard Road with these sweet deals you can’t get anywhere else.

    Browse our listings below for smarter dining choices now!

    The Development of Orchard Road
    Did you know that Orchard Road received its name from housing numerous spice plantations, pepper farms and fruit orchards back in the day when Singapore was still an unnamed island in the 1800s?

    The Orchard Road we know today is a whole new ball game from the 1800s.

    Today, Orchard Road is the heart of shopping and retail in Singapore. Housing big brands from Prada, H&M, Forever 21 and Isetan, Orchard Road is theplace to be on a weekend in Singapore.

    Orchard Road is also home to many first-class and exquisite restaurants. You can dine at dim sum restaurants and have desserts at American-style bistros or even sip on a cup of black coffee at one of the cafés in Orchard Road after a long day of shopping!

    How You Can Enjoy Special Deals at Orchard Road
    Dining at Orchard Road does not come without any hefty prices. But at Chope, we help you save and still enjoy your favourite dishes.

    Our team strives to bring exceptional deals and sumptuous meals for all diners across our extensive network of restaurants. When you pre-purchase Chope vouchers at our website, you can enjoy great savings at your favourite restaurants in Orchard Road. Simply pre-purchase the vouchers from our website to save and eat in style.

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