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Top Dining Deals in Bugis

Famous for its immense food scene, Bugis is home to hipster cafes, restaurants, buffets. Be spoilt for choice with a myriad of cuisines including Japanese, Italian, Thai, and more!
  • Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar on Chope
    Bought 8543 times

    Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

    Bugis, City Hall, Noodle, Italian
  • Vatos Urban Tacos on Chope
    Bought 4429 times

    Vatos Urban Tacos

    Bugis, City Hall, Marina Central, American
  • Sum Dim Sum on Chope
    Bought 3473 times

    Sum Dim Sum

    Bugis, Jalan Besar, Chinese
  • The Landmark - 1-for-1 Buffet
    Bought 4800 times
    Halal Certified

    The Landmark - 1-for-1 Buffet

    Bugis, Vegetarian Friendly, Buffet
  • Windowsill Pies on Chope
    Bought 2047 times

    Windowsill Pies

    Bugis, Tanglin, Jurong, Cafe
  • Signature Medium Cup by Yole
    Bought 2296 times

    Signature Medium Cup by Yole

    Bugis, Bedok, Jurong, VivoCity, Vegetarian Friendly, Ice Cream, Desserts
  • Raw Kitchen Bar on Chope
    Bought 829 times

    Raw Kitchen Bar

    Bugis, Kallang, Bar
  • 25 Degrees on Chope
    Bought 430 times

    25 Degrees

    Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut, American
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road) on Chope
    Bought 524 times

    Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road)

    Bugis, Vegetarian Friendly, Asian
  • Derwish Turkish on Chope
    Bought 407 times

    Derwish Turkish

    Bugis, Vegetarian Friendly, Middle Eastern
  • HarriAnns Nonya Table (Bugis Junction) on Chope
    Bought 447 times

    HarriAnns Nonya Table (Bugis Junction)

    Bugis, Bugis Junction, Asian
  • Paradise Group
    Bought 655 times

    Paradise Group

    Bugis, Bedok, Changi Airport, VivoCity, Asian
  • Pasta & Co. on Chope
    Bought 318 times

    Pasta & Co.

    Bugis, Fusion
  • Communal Coffee on Chope
    Bought 293 times

    Communal Coffee

    Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut, All-Day Breakfast
  • Yummo Chow on Chope
    Bought 288 times

    Yummo Chow

    Bugis, Cafe
  • Ginger on Chope
    Bought 502 times


    Bugis, Asian
  • Matsuya Dining on Chope
    Bought 332 times

    Matsuya Dining

    Bugis, City Hall, Asian
  • Fat Bird (Bugis) on Chope
    Bought 284 times

    Fat Bird (Bugis)

    Bugis, Asian
  • 1-for-1 Yogi Bowl by Beyond Fruit (Bugis)
    Bought 265 times

    1-for-1 Yogi Bowl by Beyond Fruit (Bugis)

    Bugis, Bugis Junction, Healthy Eats, Desserts
  • Overrice on Chope
    Bought 109 times


    Bugis, Muslim-Friendly, Healthy Eats
  • Baklava Pistachio by Habibi Sweet & Savoury on Chope
    Bought 110 times
    Halal Certified

    Baklava Pistachio by Habibi Sweet & Savoury

    Bugis, Lavender, Muslim-Friendly, Desserts
  • 1-for-1 Shish Taouk by Beirut Grill on Chope
    Bought 71 times

    1-for-1 Shish Taouk by Beirut Grill

    Bugis, Vegetarian Friendly, Middle Eastern
  • Evan's Kitch on Chope
    Bought 62 times

    Evan's Kitch

    Bugis, Ice Cream, All-Day Breakfast
  • Dessert First 糖水先
    Bought 71 times

    Dessert First 糖水先

    Bugis, Desserts
  • Kakuni Don with Grilled Unagi Don from Kogane Yama Bugis Junction at Bugis Junction in Bugis, Singapore
    Bought 68 times

    Kogane Yama Bugis Junction

    Bugis, Bugis Junction, Japanese
  • Casserole Fat Intestine from Chef China 华厨 in Bugis, Singapore
    Bought 78 times

    Chef China 华厨

    Bugis, Vegetarian Friendly, Asian
  • A Box of 7 Cinnamon Rolls by Star Cinnamon
    Bought 70 times

    A Box of 7 Cinnamon Rolls by Star Cinnamon

    Bugis, Bugis Junction, Desserts
  • The Fortune Cookie on Chope
    Bought 48 times

    The Fortune Cookie

    Bugis, Muslim-Friendly, Muslim-Owned, Chinese
  • Looking for the Best Deals in Bugis? Read on!

    Bugis might be a thriving area, but where are the best eateries? We have done the research for you and highlighted some of the best eateries in Bugis! Browse our website to view them!

    Deals for All Cuisines at Bugis

    Bugis is home to several cafes and restaurants. There are loads to choose from especially when most of them are just a stone’s throw away from Bugis MRT. Apart from Bugis Junction and Bugis Plus, there are many other great eateries at Haji Lane, Arab Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road!

    Luckily for you, we’ve sieved out some of the best eateries categorised by cuisine. Learn more about the best deals by reading on.

    For Japanese cuisine, head over to Suki-ya and YAYOI Japanese Restaurant for some hearty Japanese meals. When you dine at these restaurants, you need not splurge on an air ticket to Japan. These restaurants serve dishes made of ingredients that have been air-flown from Japan to give diners an authentic Japanese dining experience.

    If you are up for some Thai food, try dining at Bangkok Jam (Bugis+) and Sawadee Thai Cuisine.These restaurants serve dishes that are full of flavour and have been perfectly seasoned with common Thai herbs like basil and chillis!  

    Otherwise, if you want something a little more atas, pay a visit to Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar for some refined Italian dishes. This restaurant serves some handcrafted Italian dishes and also some of the most decadent desserts. Located at Purvis Street, make sure you give their pasta and pizza dishes a try!

    Save On Your Meals at Bugis With Deals

    When you purchase vouchers on Chope, you can enjoy huge savings on some of the most popular restaurants at Bugis.

    All you have to do to enjoy the deals at Bugis is purchase your voucher ahead of time and present it to the eatery of your choice before ordering. The next time you want to pay a visit to Bugis, make sure you purchase the vouchers ahead of time to save. Happy dining!



    Is Bugis Easy To Get To?

    Bugis is very easily accessed from all parts of Singapore.  The MRT interchange station is on the Downtown Line and the East West Line located at the boundary of Downtown Core and Rochor.


    Are Restaurants in Bugis Cheap?

    Restaurants in Bugis vary in price.  From top end, atas restaurants to local hawker centres.  Bugis has it all!


    What Type Of Food Is Common in Bugis?

    Literally everything.  From Chinese to Thai - you can find everything in Bugis.  Check out the vouchers on our website for Bugis related food deals!

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