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How do I use these buffet vouchers? icon-arrow-up

Chope Vouchers are digital vouchers that you receive in your email and via the Chope app instantly upon successful purchase. To use the voucher, simply present it on your mobile, or print out the voucher containing the unique voucher code, and present it to the restaurant host before entering the restaurant.

I want to buy a 1-for-1 buffet voucher, does the voucher cover for 1 pax or 2 pax? icon-arrow-up

The 1-for-1 buffet voucher is meant to cover 2 pax dining.

Is the buffet voucher inclusive of GST and service charge? icon-arrow-up

Yes, you will be paying for the GST and service charge on the checkout page.

Can multiple vouchers be used? icon-arrow-up

Yes, multiple vouchers can be used at the same restaurant, but do remember to check the terms and conditions for any restrictions on the number of redemptions per table, and also present the vouchers to the restaurant prior to enjoying your buffet!

Can I send vouchers to my friends or family? icon-arrow-up

Sure! Simply enter the recipient's email address at the checkout page, and we will send the voucher code to them. Chope Vouchers are transferrable as well, so feel free to forward the voucher to your friends and family!

I have purchased these vouchers for different restaurants, but I had only received one voucher code. What does that mean? icon-arrow-up

Chope Vouchers are smart e-vouchers that combine all your purchases into one code for your ease of reference, and you can use the same voucher code to redeem your vouchers at the different restaurants.

I can’t find my Chope Vouchers. Where can I view my purchased voucher? icon-arrow-up

Kindly check your junk mail, or the "Promotions" tab in your email account. If you are still unable to locate your vouchers, please email  and let us know the restaurant voucher you had purchased, and the email you had used to purchase it. The voucher will be forwarded to you again. If you have the Chope app, you are now able to view your voucher purchases under "Profile" tab > My Vouchers" too! Download it HERE.

I have more questions on how to use Chope Vouchers. Where should I go and who should I ask? icon-arrow-up

For more information on how to use Chope Vouchers, kindly read our FAQ on vouchers HERE, contact us at  or Message Us on Facebook.

Best A La Carte & Hotpot Buffet Deals in Singapore

Singaporeans love food, and what better to indulge than with a buffet? At ChopeDeals, we gather the best buffet deals we can find in Singapore so that you can satisfy your growling tummies! From 1-for-1 deals to affordable buffet packages, we have something for everyone.

Explore Culinary Wonders of the World With Affordable Buffet Options

There is a variety of buffet deals in Singapore across a diverse range of cuisines. Amid the flavours of Korean spice to the tantalising freshness of Japanese sushi, you will have a splendid buffet experience when you shop with ChopeDeals. Here are our top three picks for you.

Japanese cuisine: Enjoy sizzling Wagyu Beef Yakiniku at Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant, one of the many Japanese restaurants in Singapore serving up delicious buffet spreads of fresh meats. Relish in premium cuts of beef at Tenkaichi, alongside seafood options that include Ebi, Ika, Saba and Sashimi. There is also the Tori Momo, the boneless chicken leg, as well as the middle joint chicken wing, Tebasaki, for those who prefer white meat. Feast with your friend with our 1-for-1 deal!

Chinese cuisine: Along with the beautiful view of the seaside, dining at Changi Beach Seafood Paradise is an experience in itself. Grab your family and friends for a weekend lunch buffet with our 1-for-1 deal and other affordable options, and indulge in a complete Chinese seafood frenzy, one of the best in Singapore. Whether you are munching on the Chilli Flower Crabs or being delicate with the Chilled Mussels, Seafood Paradise is indeed a paradise of authentic and savoury Chinese flavours that will leave you craving for more.

International cuisine: For the best of all cuisines, international buffets are the ideal choice. One of the many popular international buffet restaurants in Singapore, the halal-certified Flame Café offers a classy atmosphere alongside a Western-Asian fusion spread. The restaurant is famous for its steamboat - a la carte and buffet - and an assorted selection of ingredients and delicious sauces. We are talking about meats that include the Mulan Spicy Chicken, Sliced Lamb and Black Pepper Beef, alongside a seafood platter of, among other catches, Tioman Fish, Clams and Crayfish. Add on some pieces of cheese tofu, fish ball and instant noodle to uplift the buffet experience! 

Enjoy The Best Buffets in Singapore With ChopeDeals

Buffets offer the most royal dining experience, and ChopeDeals makes it easier for you to feel like a king in a palace of glorious food. Browse above for our range of buffet deals available in Singapore!

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