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30 Jul 2019

7 Thrifty Tips to Save Money When Dining Out in Singapore

7 Thrifty Tips to Save Money When Dining Out in Singapore

With just about every possible cuisine you can think of available on this little red dot we call home, Singapore truly is a food lover’s paradise. An accessible plethora of restaurants and unique concepts guarantee enjoyable dining experiences, but we get that unpleasant pinch on your wallets from eating out often. 

From being in the know of the latest deals to what you can do while you’re at restaurants, here are several tips and hacks to save money when dining out so you can continue eating your way through Singapore! 

1. Dine at off-peak timings

Looking to save money while enjoying the dining out experience? Eating good doesn’t mean burning a hole in your wallet! A handy tip is to dine at off-peak timings. Not only do you get to savour your food in a less crowded and tranquil environment, you’ll get to enjoy fantastic deals too. With ChopeDeals, purchase vouchers at selected restaurants and take up to as much as 50% off when you dine at selected timings. Even if you’re dining in the heart of town, with this hack you’ll get to save up to 50% off at top restaurants of your pick. 

2. Instead of buying 2 portions, top up 1 portion

Planning on ordering the usual 2 portions of food for your dining buddy and yourself? Why not opt to top up 1 portion instead? This hack is useful for dishes that allow you to double the portion or add extra ingredients. It’s cheaper than getting two portions and topping up might even give you the same amount of food!  

3. Join Telegram groups

You might be up to date with the latest trends in pop culture, but are you in the know about the hottest dining deals? Apart from Facebook groups, Telegram is where the party is. There are so many Telegram groups and channels sharing wonderful and exclusive dining deals on a daily basis, and they’re just waiting for you to discover them. Here’s a helpful plug: the ChopeDeals telegram group is where you can get first dibs on the latest promotions, restaurant recommendations and occasional exclusive discounts just for telegram subscribers! 

4. Download apps

Other than joining Telegram groups, there are various apps out there that’ll help you save up as you embark on your dining escapades. One such app is the Chope app, where you get to make restaurant recommendations and be part of the loyalty programme and receive Chope-Dollars. Accumulate enough Chope-Dollars and redeem them for cash vouchers or lifestyle perks

Looking to save even more money while exploring new spots or your usual haunts? Check out ChopeDeals and snag dining vouchers that are up to 50% off. From seafood to cafes, buffets to European fare, it has it all! Be spoilt for choice and enjoy upsized savings while you’re at it.

5. Order a series of appetisers or starters

If you’re only feeling peckish, it might be better to indulge in a series of appetisers or starters. The portions of appetisers and starters are bigger than you expect, but also just the right amount so you won’t feel overly stuffed with a main course if you don’t have the stomach space for it. They are also generally easier on the wallet so you get to save on the dollars too. 

6. Share main courses

Instead of getting one main course per person, consider sharing your main courses with your dinner pals! You’ll get to sample more dishes and taste more flavours. Some menus highlight dishes that can be shared in a group and there are even restaurants offering a ‘small plates’ concept perfect for those who believe in the mantra “sharing is caring”. Kinou is one such eatery, serving up a range of food from palm-sized dishes to platters that will comfortably fill the stomachs of larger groups. 

7. Order value meals/ combos

If you’re planning on having a wholesome meal comprising starters, mains and desserts, why not check out the menu for value meals or combos? It goes without saying, but generally ordering a set meal is more wallet-friendly than heading to various spots for drinks, mains and desserts so keep your eyes peeled for any set deals section on the menu. 

Alternatively, some restaurants allow you to top up a small amount to get an appetiser, a drink and sometimes a dessert. Can’t decide what to eat or where to go? Let us help: browse our collection of set deals here that’ll guarantee you a hearty and fulfilling meal no matter what you’re craving! 

Indulging in a scrumptious meal without breaking the bank?

Sounds too good to be true? Not with ChopeDeals. Before you think we’re joking, browse through our comprehensive list of dining deals up for grabs, something might just catch your eye!


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