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24 Oct 2018

5 of the Best 1-for-1 Buffet Dinners to End Your Evening

5 of the Best 1-for-1 Buffet Dinners to End Your Evening

Even though they are very sinful, everyone loves a good buffet dinner to end a long day at the office and work. After all, Singaporeans love to eat. Buffet dinners are not only overwhelmingly tasty, there’s something out there for everyone! Seafood, meat and sweet treats – buffets have it all.

But do you know what’s even better than a buffet dinner? A quality buffet dinner with a 1-for-1 discount! You read that right, you and a friend can enjoy a 1-for-1 buffet deal with ChopeDeals. We’ve got value deals with some of the best and most luxurious buffet places in Singapore and listed 5 of them below.

Hurry, purchase your vouchers and get those deals now!

1. The Buffet Restaurant

This restaurant offers a sleek and cosy dining experience for you and a friend. Their steamboat buffet dinner is a speciality that includes local favourites like congee, laksa or ginseng chicken hot pot. However, their most popular dish is the Drunken Prawns – where diners are always queueing up for seconds!

  • What: 1-for-1 deals with our vouchers
  • Address: 81 Anson Road, Singapore (079908)
  • Deals:
      • 1-for-1 Seafood Steamboat Buffet Dinner
        • Sunday-Thursday, 6.00pm-10.00pm: $76.51 nett for 2 adults 

    2. Four Points Eatery

    If you love seafood, try this buffet at Four Points Eatery by Sheraton Singapore. Four Points Eatery serves the freshest and most splendid seafood you can find in the market. What’s better is that you can get huge discounts when you purchase our vouchers with ChopeDeals! Four Points Eatery offers both local and international dishes like Hainanese chicken rice and fresh oysters.

    • What: 1-for-1 deals with our vouchers
    • Address: 382 Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, Singapore (169629)
    • Deals:
        • 1-for-1 Buffet Dinner
          • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm: $76.51 nett for 2 adults (includes a complimentary glass of beer per person)
          • Friday-Sunday, 6:00pm-10:00pm: $82.39 nett for 2 adults (includes a complimentary glass of beer per person)
        • 1-for-1 Surf & Turf Wednesday Buffet Dinner
          • Wednesday Only, 6:00pm-10:00pm: $94.16 nett for 2 adults (includes a complimentary glass of beer per person)

      3. Seasonal Tastes

      Soak in the modern and chic atmosphere of the CBD at this satisfying buffet at The Westin Singapore. Seasonal Tastes has exquisite desserts, fresh seafood and juicy meats with international and local twists. Some of our favourites include Steamed Arctic Char with Wolfberry and Grilled Spring Chicken. Miss Tam Chiak has even rated Seasonal Tastes outstandingly! Give this restaurant a try if you’re feeling adventurous.

      • What: 1-for-1 deals for buffet dinners with our vouchers
      • Address: 12 Marina View Level 32, Asia Square Tower 2, The Westin Singapore, Singapore (018961)
      • Deals:
        • 1-for-1 Buffet Dinner
          • Sunday-Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm: $88++ per 2 adults (includes free-flow coffee and tea)
        • 1-for-1 Buffet Dinner
          • Friday-Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm: $98++ per 2 adults (includes free-flow soft drinks, juices, mocktails, coffee and tea)

      4. Café 2000

      Café 2000 is M Hotel’s hidden gem. This buffet serves the juiciest steaks and freshest seafood straight from the grill. Café 2000 is great for all meat lovers. Moreover, they have other local delights like seafood fried rice and chilli crab, too!

      • What: 1-for-1 deals with our vouchers
      • Address: 81 Anson Road, M Hotel, Singapore (079908)
      • Deals:
        • 1-for-1 Seafood Extravaganza Buffet Dinner
          • Sunday-Thursday: 6:00pm-10:00pm: $91.81 nett for 2 adults
        • 40% off Seafood Extravaganza & BBQ Buffet Dinner
          • Friday-Saturday: 6:00pm-10:00pm: $62.15 nett for 1 adult

        5. Window on the Park

        Get all your favourite Asian treats like Chilli Crab, Kueh Pie Tee and Rojak here!

        • What: 55% off with our vouchers
        • Address: 11 Cavenagh Road, #02-00, Holiday Inn Orchard City Center, Singapore (229616)
        • Deals:
          • 55% off Dinner Buffet
            • Monday-Thursday, 6:30pm-10:00pm: $63.00++ per 2 adults
            • Friday-Sunday, 6:30pm-10:00pm: $86.40++ per 2 adults 
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