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15 Sep 2019

15 Cafes to Chill At & Still Get Work Done

15 Cafes to Chill At & Still Get Work Done

Sometimes you just need to be out of your comfort zone (read: in bed snuggled in your sheets) to be productive at work. Now that you are out of the house, where do you go next? Not all cafes have the right ambience for you to tick off boxes on your to-do-list. Fret not, for this will be the guide on days when you need a nice change of environment and great food to keep yourself motivated!

1. KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar

Source: KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar

Sitting pretty in pink along Bukit Timah Road is KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, founded by the team behind Sogurt. With pink bricked walls lined with mirrors, warm lights and dashes of green plants, this cafe is quite a treat for the eyes.

Past the counter is a DIY froyo bar where you will get your chance at building the froyo of your dreams. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury, this place has it all. Some remarkable dishes include the Grilled Toasties, Grain Bowls and Signature Skillet Cookie with soft-serve. Now, it is both a feast for both your eyes and taste-buds. Power points are available underneath the plush seats and Wi-Fi is stable, making this luxe cafe great for a day of hustling.

Address: 617 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269718

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 11am-10.30pm

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2. Kith Cafe (Millenia Walk)

Source: Kith Cafe

Kith Cafe has 11 outlets dispersed all over Singapore but what makes the Millenia Walk outlet special is the long table with plenty of power points and of course, free Wi-Fi! It is also one of the bigger outlets which makes it easier for you to grab a seat at any time of the day. 

Some favourites off the menu include the Gnocchi and Granchio for your pasta fix, Kith Super Salad and Truffle Fries if you would like something to munch on while you type or write away. If you love breakfast food, this is also the cafe for you! They serve breakfast food all day even after 11 am. Now, who says you cannot have pancakes for dinner?

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-44/45, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 7.30am-10pm

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3. Habitat Coffee

Source: Habitat Coffee

Habitat coffee takes pride in serving each and every one of their customers fragrant coffee roasts and aromatic teas. They also ensure that their food department is not in the least bit lacking what with their excellent array of the menu. The next time you pay this Instagram-worthy cafe a visit, do try their notable Ocean Linguine, Scrambled Chilli Eggs, Salmon Sesame and light yet crispy Churros.

Habitat coffee boasts a calm and minimalistic setting and offers the cosiest corners which are very conducive for work. They offer free Wi-Fi but there are no charging points available so make sure to come equipped with fully charged devices or with a portable charger!

Address: 223 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574355

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
Closed on Mondays

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4. Grids & Circles

Source: Grids & Circles 

Grids & Circles is where you should be at should you find yourself craving for Western and Japanese fusion food. Both a cafe and workshop at the same time, this spacious contemporary space is tucked in a shophouse in Chinatown. The crowd favourite is the Tamago Sando and we totally understand why. Between two oh so soft pieces of bread is a thick slab of omelette and layers of konbu mayo and homemade pear sauce. Perfect for when you need something to munch on mid-snack! Other noteworthy menu items include the Bacon and Avocado Sausage as well as Clouds in my Coffee.

With its soft lighting, wooden furniture and splash of colours here and there, you’ll feel inspired to keep working through the hours. Take your pick between the sofa or desk but either way, you’ll be comfortable. With free wifi and wall plugs, Grids & Circle has become the go-to cafe for students and freelancers.

Address: 200 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058749

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 8am-6.30pm

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5. Cafe de Nicole’s Flower


Source: Cafe de Nicole’s Flower

The Easties are in luck because one of Singapore’s most pleasingly aesthetic cafes are situated in the neighbourhood of Telok Kurau. Cafe de Nicole is definitely hard to miss with its extravagant flower arch right by the entrance. Filled with flowers of vibrant colours and vintage furniture left and right, taking a photo or two for Instagram will come naturally here. Good news, the food served is as gorgeous as the cafe itself!

Nicole’s Favour is a melody of avocado slices and smoked salmon on sourdough toast. With a side of pork sausage, sunny-side up and salad, this dish has it all. The Tiramisu Souffle Pancakes are perfect for a lighter dish option and the Standard Cheesecake with flowers as a garnish would make a great finale to your meal. If you are weak for anything floral, you now know where to go for inspiration to keep working.

Address: 224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01, Singapore 423836

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday-Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-9pm

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6. The Muffinry

Source: The Muffinry

Calling all muffin enthusiasts! Your obsession with these versatile bakes are understood and heard at The Muffinry. Fresh batches of decadent muffins are baked daily, and they come in a wide variety too. From Banana Walnut and Chocolate Muffin to Green Eggs and Ham Muffin, you can already picture the plethora of flavours calling out to you.

This very cafe is 3-storey high with comfortable tables and chairs for you to sit on for hours. You will never have to worry about your laptops running out of battery because plugs are aplenty here!

Address: 112 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068581

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Friday: 8am-10.30pm
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Closed on Sundays

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7. Birds of a Feather

Source: Birds of a Feather

Located in CBD, Birds of a Feather can be found on Amoy Street, a prime spot for people all over Singapore. Surrounded by lush greens reminiscent of a laidback and serene teahouse in Chengdu, China, this dining scene is definitely easy on the eyes. Rumours say the food is as remarkable as the interior and we can definitely vouch for that!

Western food can get jelak sometimes but its never the case with Asian food. Get your fix of Sichuan Oxtail Soup, Find the Chicken in the Chillies and Crispy Gyoza with Truffle Soy Vinaigrette when you decide to spend an afternoon here. After all, bold flavours and spice are what keeps the brain juice flowing. P.S. It gets pretty empty during office hours so use that to your advantage!

Address: 115 Amoy Street, #01-01, Singapore 069935

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Wednesday: 10.30am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Thursday: 10.30am-3pm, 5pm-12am
Friday-Saturday: 10.30am-12am
Sunday: 10.30am-10pm

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8. The Autobus

Source: The Autobus

Something different, this bicycle-themed cafe is every cyclist’s personal heaven, especially when they whip up amazing food and sell a wide range of bicycle apparel and equipment in one space. The cafe is tastefully decorated with its name shining over the top of your head (literally) while the chairs with mismatched colours add a cute accent to it. Here, you’ll see lots of cyclists stopping for a quick cuppa before they continue their journey.

The DIY food menu allows customers to create their very own renditions of protein bowls. This is also where healthy and delicious food can co-exist. Choose your carbs, proteins, sides and dressings and you’ll be good for the day! Nothing like a change in the environment to give you the boost of energy and keep hustling.

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #01-01, Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Saturday: 11am-10.30pm

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9. The Lokal

Source: The Lokal

The Lokal was brought to life with the aim of bringing forth a diversity in food that caters to all sorts of dietary needs and preferences out there. Meaning local in German, this chic cafe serves up a multitude of Australian delicacies. Be it brunch, dinners or cocktails - you name it, they have it. Only experienced and skilful chefs are stationed in the kitchen so it’s to no surprise that everything off the menu tastes out of the world with superb presentations.

When you’re here, you should definitely get the Sunday Roast or Roast Beef on Rye for a gastronomical experience. If your workload is a tad too heavy, the Toasted Banana Bread would do a good job at sweetening your day up. And when your job’s done, a glass of champagne wouldn’t hurt too!

Address: 136 Neil Road, Singapore 088865

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Wednesday-Friday: 8am-10pm
Saturday: 9am-10pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm

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10. Sarnies

Source: Sarnies

Despite its detached and casual interior, Sarnies has made a mark for itself in the hearts of its loyal crowd. Ben Lee, the man responsible for this ‘peak comfortable’ cafe, came from Australia so its only right that the menu racks up on rustic flavours. Oh, and coffee too! The point of the food here lies in only using fresh and quality ingredients. Poultry wise, this translates into grass-fed beef, organically-fed chicken and bacon cured in-house.

If you’re still wondering, Sarnies is sandwich in British slang which is in accordance with their wholesome comfort food. Here’s what you should have! Sarnies’ Fry Up sees the meeting of crisp bacon, excellent sunny side-ups, sauteed mushrooms, sausage and toasted bread. This dish is great for those busy fingers because it’s just so easy to eat! Make sure to also get a cuppa (or two!) of their notorious Guatemalan blend for a perk-me-up that is sweet, bright and fruity all in one.

P.S. Office workers tend to flock Sarnies right after they clock out since it is located right smack in the middle of the CBD area. So, be smart and plan your schedule wisely!

Address: 136 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068601

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Tuesday: 7:30am-10:30pm
Wednesday-Friday: 7:30am-12am
Saturday-Sunday: 8:30am-4pm

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11. Group Therapy Coffee

Source: Group Therapy Coffee

What started off as a collective space for events in a restored shophouse is now a place for people to come together - even on non-event days! The brains behind Group Therapy Coffee have now deliberately stationed tables, chairs and couches on the second level for groups to gather. The four walls here have witnessed connections formed between people, the forging of common values as well as the greatest works being completed.

With warm hospitality and great food and beverages, a perfect ambience is a given. For something pleasing to the eyes and the stomach, the glorious Poached Eggs is a must-order. Thick creamy yellow eggs resting fluidly on top of a fluffy and tall toast - simply out-of-the-world. Being able to hang out with great company while getting work done is great and all but when your eyes start failing you, the smooth yet robust Espresso is what you should have. So if you are all about unpretentious settings that get the brain moving, Group Therapy Coffee would be the best option for you!

Address: 30 East Coast Road, #01-11, Singapore 428751

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 8am-6pm

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12. The Moon

Source: The Moon

If you’re the type to prefer dimmed lights and an air of cosiness around you as you work, this one’s for you! Yet another multi-function space, The Moon is a whimsical bookstore, event and cafe space all wrapped in one. The first level is reserved specifically for reading and dining while the second level is a chill and laid-back area decked out in overhead fairy lights, cosy pouffes and the softest bed of cushions you could sink into for hours.

They particularly excel in the beverage department so expect your thirsty throats to be fully quenched here! The entire menu is vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free to cater to everyone, including those with sensitive constitutions. Interesting items to try include the Cardamom Chocolate Cake and Turmeric Banana Bread. The Moon also serves coffee from Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee but if you’re up for something different, the Matcha Lemonade and Haldi Doodh, aka turmeric latte, would do the trick just fine! Free wifi, plug points available, amazing menu and an Instagram-worthy space. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Address: 37 Mosque Street, Singapore 059515

Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday-Saturday: 11am-12am

A trip to The Moon is very much in lieu now!

13. Cook & Tras Social Library

Source: Cook & Tras

More than just a mere cafe, Cook & Tras is home to a social library and a restaurant. Its extravagant shelves features 3,000 books free for you to pick and read. Despite its golden-hued lighting and fancy outlook, you’ll feel at ease here thanks to the relaxing vibe and the fact that it’s never too crowded. Power sockets can be located in some bookshelves so you never have to worry about your laptop dying on you. They open late till midnight so that is yet another plus point for all you night owls out there!

Cook & Tras is big on the Straits heritage and Southern-European cuisines so make sure to get your hands on the Baked Barramundi, Lean Green or Iberico Pork Sate when you’re here. Who said sustainable and organic local produce cannot be tasty yet healthy and clean at the same time?

Address: 2 Cook Street, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 078857

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 9am-12am

Here’s how to find your way to Cook & Tras Social Library’s relaxing setting!

14. The Book Cafe


Talk about feeling right at home! The Book Cafe is a book-themed cafe that offers a relaxing ambience and casual dining, so comfortable you will wonder why you have not been a regular customer much earlier. Their all-day breakfast menu boasts dishes such as Omelettes, Pancakes and Grassfed Striploin Steak. If you wish for something heartier, the Set Meal Selections which comes with an extra side and beverage will make for a good meal.

The Book Cafe offers Wi-Fi, has more than enough power points and a printer that is free for use (score!). Whenever you need a quick break from work, feel free to check out their wide collection of books, magazines and newspapers scoured from all over the globe. 

Address: 20 Martin Road, #01-02, Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070

Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday: 8.30am-10.30pm
Friday-Saturday: 8.30am-12.30am

Read up more about the interesting The Book Cafe here!

15. Wakey Wakey


Wakey Wakey is hard to miss what with its tall glass windows, black and white furniture with the touch of Scandinavian interior. Simply put, the cafe possesses a rugged and industrial feel - think bare concrete floors and exposed ventilation vents. The natural light streaming in from the huge glass windows keeps the cafe constantly bright and helps patrons focus on their work at hand.

The food served are great for when you need to keep your fingers clean for all the typing, starting from spreads and dips, salads and grain bowls. A definite must-try is their rich and aromatic Matcha Latte, fluffy Waffles with Bean Ice Cream and the new kid on their menu, the Pulled Pork Burger.

Address: 302 Beach Rd, 05 The Concourse, #01-04, 199600

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-6pm

Find out more about the Wakey Wakey here! 

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