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03 Nov 2019

15 Best Bars to Watch Live Sports in Singapore

15 Best Bars to Watch Live Sports in Singapore

Your favourite club is playing tonight? You may not be able to ditch work and catch a flight but the best you could make do with is to make a  beeline for your favourite sports bar and bask in the exciting and animated atmosphere that only a sports match can give. The question is, where?

Gather your friends and catch your much-anticipated game at any of these 15 sports bars in Singapore carefully selected for you! Celebrate victories over mugs of beer, greasy finger-food and the company of sports lovers like yourself. Be it a live telecast of football, rugby, F1 or golf, these bars are ready for all of your passionate cheerings.

1. Brewerkz Indoor Stadium

Source: Brewerkz


Brewerkz first landed on the shores of Singapore in 1997 and has now branched out into three different locations here: Riverside Point, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel and Singapore Indoor Stadium. Sometimes, what you need most after an excruciatingly long week is a hangout session with your closest friends as you sip on your well-deserved tall and cold beer. Toss in the buzzing sound of sports commentary in the background, we personally think it sounds like the perfect way to sizzle a week’s worth of stress away already.

The brains behind Brewerkz understand that chilled beer and greasy Western food makes a good accompaniment to passionate cheering. So fill in your dosage of weekly football as you get your grub on the heartiest burgers and wood-fired pizzas in town. The classic Hawaiian Pizza comes topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, juicy pineapple cuts, ham, olive and jalapeno slices for the hot kick. Handmade, the pizzas here are served with a thin-crust which are both soft and delightfully chewy.

Not in the mood for carbs? Make sure to get the Spicy Chicken Satay instead. Beware though because the satay here is not our regular small pieces of meat on a stick. The large chunks of meat are well grilled and taste even better when coated with the rich peanut sauce.

Brewerkz updates their live screening schedules regularly on their Facebook, so all you need to do is plan well and get vouchers from ChopeDeals before you make your way there!


  • 2 Stadium Walk, #01-06/07, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore 397691
  • 1 Tanglin Road, #01-02, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore 247905
  • 30 Merchant Road, #01-07, Riverside Point, Singapore 058282

Opening Hours:

Singapore Indoor Stadium

  • Monday-Thursday: 5pm-12am
  • Friday-Saturday: 12pm-1am
  • Sunday: 12pm-12am

Orchard Rendezvous Hotel

  • Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
  • Friday-Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 12pm-1am

Riverside Point

  • Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
  • Friday-Saturday: 12pm-1am

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2. Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant (VivoCity)

Source: Brotzeit


Brotzeit is a typical Bavarian expression – "Brot" being German for bread and "Zeit" for time. The name of the popular German eatery implies that a cosy meal should be complemented with fresh beer. Get your hands on Bavarian cuisine as the sports commentaries buzz busily in the background. The VivoCity outlet is a hot favourite when it comes to catching live football matches or golf tournaments with friends of the same interests.

The Gebackenes highlights their best deep-fried finger food. Crispy golden brown prawns, dory fish fillets, chicken fingers and thickly cut potato wedges complete the dish. Alternate your bites with a dip of mustard, mayonnaise and a special sweet-sour condiment for a new taste every time.

Meanwhile, the Würstelplatte is an authentic sausage platter consisting of spicy chicken sausage, lamb sausage, mini pork cheese sausages, weisswurst sausage and garlic sausage. This comes with sauerkraut (fermented finely cut cabbage slices) and mustard. Pair these with a frothy beer of your choice and you are set for the night. Beer and sausages - weird to some but a true delicacy to those with exquisite taste.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-149, VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11.30am-12am
Friday: 11.30am-1am
Saturday: 11am-1am
Sunday & Public Holiday: 11am-12am

Save up to 50% at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant (VivoCity) with ChopeDeals here!

3. Charlie's Restaurant & Bar

Source: Charlie’s


Charlie’s Restaurant & Bar has made itself at home in a rustic old shophouse, eatery and bar alongside the Singapore River. It houses excellent homemade sangria, a dazzling variety of tapas and signature stone grills. The wide-ranging menu offers humble snacks to fancy mains. 

At Charlie’s, they make sure to not lose out to the other equally famous sports bars in terms of screen size. Sports fanatics are spoilt with a large screen with swift food & drinks service. They host live screenings for football, rugby, tennis, cricket, Formula 1 and more. Visit their sports page here for the latest schedule updates.

The menu contains an extensive selection of traditional tapas as well as vegetarian options. There are 17 tapas variations as of now. We would not hold it against you for not being able to make a decision fast.

The Squid Ink Paella uses Arborioa infused rice with seasoned broth and squid ink. It is then pan-fried and topped with your choice of chicken & chorizo or seafood. So rich in flavour, you will probably plan for a returning visit before you even finish your plate!

The Signature Baby Back Ribs are available in two serving sizes. They are carefully stone-grilled until the flavours are well-preserved in every cut of the meat. Immediately after, it is glazed with an in-house barbecue sauce before served with a side of creamy coleslaw and thick fries. Calm your nerves or celebrate over such great food and take the opportunity to admire the picturesque view of Boat Quay while you are at it!

Address: 32 Boat Quay, Singapore (049821)

Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 11am-12am

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4. Hooters

Source: Hooters


Hooters Singapore is known for its fun-loving American neighbourhood restaurant persona (alongside the Hotter girls). After its revamp, it can now house 300 guests and is strategically located along the Singapore River at Clarke Quay – where the nightlife in Singapore comes to life. Modern design features help deliver the fun-loving persona. Seats are cushioned, perfect for sports enthusiasts to catch their favourite sports’ channels on the hanging and large, high-definition televisions.

The Hooters Kitchen has over 50 delectable dishes ranging from Buffalo Wings, Sandwiches, Seafood, Snacks to Salads. Hooters Singapore is synonymous to best wings and we absolutely love the Buffalo Platter - an array of chicken strips and wings aka the best of both worlds.

Address: 3D River Valley Road, Singapore 179023

Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 12pm-1am

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5. The Public House

Source: The Public House


The restaurant slash bar at the junction of Circular Road and Canton Street is casual, friendly and full of regulars. The beers are very decently priced and you can find patrons hooting in laughter at the pool table and darts section.

Monday nights are reserved for homemade pub quizzes - on facts and popular culture - where plenty of free booze can be won with the right answers. The chill atmosphere, finger lickin’ good bites, and welcoming staff make this the perfect place to drink while you get on your weekly dose of rugby and football.

Sports enthusiasts would know that Buffalo wings are synonymous to sports pub meals now. The Public House serves 10 gorgeous wings with every serving. The Deluxe Burger boasts an in-house marinated all-beef patty, topped with sauteed mushrooms and bacon on seasonal vegetable. Their special sauce is spread evenly in a brioche bun before being served with fries.

The Bacon Cheese Fries is creamy, rich and meaty all at once. Not exactly recommended if you are looking to lose weight but who cares? If anyone asks, tell them it’s your cheat day because nothing is better than greasy food after the occasional disappointing matches.

Address: 42 Upper Circular Road, Singapore 049398

Opening Hours:

Monday: 12pm-1am
Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-2am
Friday: 12pm-3am
Saturday: 6.30pm-2am
Sunday: 6.30pm-1am

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6. Lazy Lizard Sixth Ave

Source: Lazy Lizard Sixth Ave


Lazy Lizard Sixth Avenue describes itself as a “local watering hole and family restaurant rolled into one”. This swanky sports bar televises an array of sports broadcasts and is a great place to hang with the crew. With an ice-cold beer in hand, you are game on for a good night of football. All you are left to do is hope that a miracle pulls through and you get to walk home with 3 points.

It might not have the fanciest interior but their genuinely lovely servers never fail to go to great lengths at ensuring a warm atmosphere stays throughout the day. A chillout area and stash of magazines towards the rear makes a comfortable retreat while the pinball machines and pool table bring patrons together. 

Lazy Lizard Sixth Avenue serves a wide selection of meals such as quesadilla, chicken wings, nachos, burgers and pizzas along with a selection of bar snacks. This is the place to go to satiate Western classics cravings. Cheap food, excellent taste and fantastic ambience; what is there not to like?

Address: 2 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276470

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Friday: 3pm-1am

Saturday & Public Holiday: 3pm-2am

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7. Georges @ The Cove

Source: Georges @ The Cove


Georges has adapted itself into the lush greenery of The Cove at Pasir Ris and brought it into their theme and interior. Largely inspired by Singapore’s scenic coasts and waterways, this charming beach house eatery has adopted a rustic vibe as it overlooks the water bodies. They are currently showing the Rugby World Cup 2019 live match so if you reside in the East and love rugby, do head down to Georges on the next game day.

Crowd favourites include the ever so popular crispy fried wings and flame-grilled tenderloin. Both good for sharing. 

The Beer Battered Fish and Chips are one of the many recommended dishes at Georges. The fish fillet is crispy while the flesh is chunky yet light - perfect even without tartar sauce or ketchup. Complete your sports-night-out meal with a massive beer tower and you’ve found yourself one of the best live sports restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 133 Pasir Ris Road, Carpark E, Singapore 519149

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 4pm-1am
Friday-Saturday & Public Holiday: 3pm-1am
Sunday: 3pm-12am
Eve of Public Holiday: 4pm-2am

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8. McGettigan’s



If you frequently go for late-night booze with your pals, chances are you have swung by this long-standing pub a couple of times. The very first McGettingan’s pub started operations in Ireland in the 1960s, before moving to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It eventually landed in Clarke Quay, Singapore and has been keeping locals and tourists happy ever since. Here, patrons are always kept entertained with great live band music, trivia quizzes, Irish food, fantastic booze deals and live sports screenings.

If you are looking for a pub that can offer a no-frills night out with classy yet rustic interior to boot, McGettigan’s is the answer to your searches. Apart from football screenings, they show the likes of UFC, rugby, golf and tennis as well. With everything available under one roof, its easy to tell why this particular pub is recommended everywhere. 

Speaking of Irish pubs, fish and chips must not be missed. The Beer Battered Fish and Chips are fried the perfect colour of golden brown and bursts with freshness of the sea on the inside. Other signature McGettigan’s favourites include the Atlantic Salmon and Beef and Guinness Puff Pastry Pie.

For finger food, you can place an order (or as many as you would like) of their Pork Belly Popcorn and McGettigan's Chicken Wings. The Pork Belly Popcorn is the epitome of sweet and savoury with soy, honey & sesame seeds while the latter comes in two flavours: BBQ or Buffalo sauce with chunky blue cheese dressing. Simply said, these two are the perfect duo to fuel on your cheers at McGettigan’s.

Tip: Keep your eyes peeled on their website as they occasionally host exclusive sports events and offer deals that are a sin to miss out on!

Address: 3A River Valley Road, Merchant’s Court, #01-01, Singapore 179020

Opening Hours:

Monday-Tuesday: 12pm-1am
Wednesday-Friday: 12pm-3am
Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: 10am-1am

Let yourself in on McGettigan’s exclusive events/promotions here! 

9. Mischief Esplanade



Mischief Esplanade is the product of an F&B venture between actresses Cynthia Koh, Michelle Chong, former DJ Daniel Ong and the folks behind Tab and Suprette. Mischief is widely decked out with diner-style seats and humongous TV screens - often crowded by a sports-loving crowd. House pours are from 5-8pm while happy hour beers are there for your late-night matches. From the likes of European Premier League to tennis and golf, Mischief will most likely broadcast them all. 

While waiting for the games to start, calm your pre-match nerves with their very own electronic beer pong table for a modern twist to the classic drinking game or a round of electronic dart.

The Chicken Farm boasts an array of Buffalo-style wings, Singapore style prawn paste chicken, cheesy popcorn chicken and nachos with salsa and guacamole. This huge serving feeds up to 6 people - great to share with your boisterous company!

The Wagyu Beef Brisket makes use of grade 4 beef, crusted with black pepper and been left to slow cook for 24 hours every day. Complete your order with Cinnamon Churros and Nutella dip for the ultimate American meal. The best part is everything in their menu goes with drinks!

This open-air gem at Esplanade allows for a nice stroll along the waterfront after a good match and even more satisfying meal.

Address: 8 Raffles Ave, Esplanade, #01-10/12, Singapore 039802

Opening Hours:
Sunday: 5pm-12am
Monday: 5pm-11pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 5pm-1am
Friday-Saturday: 5pm-3am

Book your spot at Mischief Esplanade here today!

10. Hero's



Situated in a prime spot on Circular Road, Hero’s is decorated in a contemporary yet timeless Old West Saloon style. It features a live band and screens sports games regularly. Open till late, this is the perfect spot to grab some bites or to watch late-night games!

What differentiates it from other sports bars is that patrons can fill their own glasses from their very own pints in the VIP area, each equipped with two draft beer taps. The amount of beer consumed – Asahi or Kronenbourg 1664 -  is tracked electronically and displayed in real-time on a table-top tablet display. How cool is that! 

Hero's serves a fusion of Indian & Western cuisine, with kebabs, wraps, pizzas and pasta. You will also see the likes of other typical pub grub and platters to accompany your match binge. Beverage wise, they have a plethora of quality bourbons and whiskeys, craft beers, cocktails and shooters.

They highly recommend their signature Hero’s Mojito so do give it a shot! There is something for everyone here, just check their menu out and you will understand what we mean by that. 

Fun fact: Groups who can chug down at least 15 litres of golden ale in one night will have their names written on the 'Most Wanted Outlaws' Leaderboard and will win a free bottle of bourbon or tequila. Make it a mission to have your name in their books!

Address: 69 Circular Road, #01-01, Singapore 049423

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11am-3am
Saturday-Sunday: 3pm-4am

Visit Hero’s here for more information on their screening schedule!

11. Harry's


While North London’s Tottenham Hotspur might have Harry Kane and Harry Winks (#COYS), Singapore has 21 Harry’s to date. Founded in 1992, Harry's was once a shophouse jazz bar and has now evolved into an established F&B group. It is the top few enduring dining and bar chains which screen just about any big matches from football to rugby and tennis to cricket. 

The atmosphere at Harry’s is comfortable and homely, right up the alley of those who prefer no-frill and unpretentious bars. Whatever sport you have on your watch list, you can depend on Harry’s to equip you with HD game telecasts. Anticipate exciting promotions and entertaining events alongside quiz nights and themed parties here!

They go big on their selection of beers, wines and cocktails. The beers here are decently priced and taste even better when paired with their food. The Harry’s Seven and Amigo Nachos are a crowd-pleaser, you will definitely see either of those at every table. With other sides like Harry’s Signature Wings (four pieces of Harry’s homemade Spices, four pieces of Masala Wings and four pieces of Sriracha Buffalo Wings), Chicken Satay, Otah Toasties and Onion Rings, even the most subpar games can seem less boring.

Fun fact: There is a dedicated mocktail and soft-drink section on the menu to accommodate designated drivers and non-alcoholic drinkers!

Address: 3D River Valley Road, #01-01, Singapore 179023

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Tuesday & Public Holiday: 11.30am-1 am
Wednesday-Thursday: 11.30am-2am
Friday-Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 11.30am-3am

Have a ball of a night at Harry’s here!

12. Cafe Football



Leave the comfort of your couch and catch the next big football match at Cafe Football. Whether you are a Kopite or a Gooner, matches from all sorts of clubs are screened here!

This football-centric cafe is partly owned by former footballers, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, and is the very first Asian outlet after its establishment in the United Kingdom. This cafe is essentially heaven to all football lovers. From barstools to dining tables, choose wherever you wish to sit at. Here, you can chill while watching a football game and enjoy good food all at the same time. 

The menu offers pizza, burgers and a number of Asian dishes. We strongly recommend the Team Platter where Satay Skewers, Corn Chip, Crispy Jumbo Shrimp, Fried Chicken Wings, Salad and Dipping Sauce are served on a plate to share. The Crispy Jumbo Shrimps are huge in size with crunchy batter and sweet juicy flesh, tastes even better when dipped with the tartar or sambal sauce provided

Get the Lamb Shank with Mashed Potatoes and Salad if you are up for a filling meal. Expect tender meat that will melt in your mouth, refreshing salad for balance and creamy homemade mashed potatoes. The soft lamb meat will blow your expectations off the roof.

Team Burger is served in a dish that mimics a burger takeout box, definitely worthy of an Instastory snap. It consists of beef patties with chicken bacon strips, mushrooms, caramelized onion, cheese and tomatoes. All in all, Cafe Football is great for fellow footies to gather over quality American food and football matches!

Address: 48 Woodleigh Park, The Arena (PUB Recreation Club), Singapore 357844

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11am-12am
Saturday-Sunday: 9.30am-12am

Be part of the Club FC at Cafe Football here!

13. Boomarang



Boomarang (yes, not boomerang) is an Australian bar, otherwise dubbed “Singapore’s Home of Live Sports”. Here are three reasons why they are titled so.

Firstly, the owners and servers are warm and welcoming - the reason why they have many usuals visiting weekly. Secondly, they screen all Australian sports matches such as Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Cup Race Day, Cricket Australia and Super Rugby. Thirdly, Boomarang regularly organizes sports events such as Melbourne Cup Race Day, AFL Grandfinal Day and Australian Open Day for their patrons, complete with in-house fun lotteries and bets. 

You will be entitled to the privilege of catching your favourite sporting event on their large HD screens. This means no more fighting your way to the best spot in the house! Boomarang is also charmingly decorated with beautiful Australian landscape photos.

It features a relaxing ambience where big groups of family or friends can spend time by the riverside at the open-air seating area. Head inside whenever you need some fresh blast of air-con but you will have to be quick on your feet as it gets packed really fast on game nights.

Boomarang offers a wide variety of Australian food and has one of the best weekend brunches in town. This includes starter plates, salads, pizzas, burgers, grilled and seafood dishes. Only the freshest ingredients imported directly from Australia are used and prepared daily.

Pair your beer with some Devil’s Ribs and Boomerang Deluxe Pizza - great to share around with your pub mates. Take things up a notch and try the Peppered Kangaroo Loin for the true Australian experience.

If you have an Aussie mate who is both a sports fan and feeling a tad bit too homesick, definitely bring them here!

Address: The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, #01-15, Singapore 238252

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 6am-3am

Head on to their page here for their comprehensive screening guide!

14. Muddy Murphy’s



Muddy Murphy is cosy and intimate, much like all the authentic sports bars found in Ireland. With six large screens hanging high, your view will be good no matter where you are seated at. We know watching an intense match on TV can never come close to watching it live before your very own eyes. But here at Muddy Murphy, it is always so lively and happy you will feel like you are in the actual stadium itself what with the roaring cheers and passionate chatters.

The screenings cover the likes of football, rugby, F1, golf and tennis on its large screens, making it an essential hangout spot for sports enthusiasts in Singapore all year round. Expect things to heat up even more during the World Cup, Premier League, Formula 1 Grand Prix, US Open and Rugby World Cup Final seasons. You can always count on Muddy Murphy to have all the games broadcasted live.

The food at Muddy Murphy has always been known for being delicious so rest assured that anything you pick off the menu will satisfy your bellies. From steaming Irish Stew, Beef and Guinness Pie as well as the signature Irish Fish & Chips your dining options are endless. 

Be spoilt by their wide array of more than 15 varieties of beer like the Strongbow Cider, Old Speckled Hen, Kilkenny, Heineken, Guinness and Erdinger Weissbier on-tap and the local favourite, Tiger beer. Some patron must-haves include the Guinness Stout Draught and Kilkenny Irish Ale Draught - served cold and nice. Pair your food with any of those beers and you have figured out the equation to the perfect night out. An exciting night out is guaranteed here at Muddy Murphy’s.

Fun fact: The wooden craftwork are all designed and built in Ireland in 1996 with traditional Irish pub settings and then disassembled before it was shipped to Singapore. Here at Claymore Connect, it was installed by Irish specialists. Classic and reminiscent of the authentic English pubs to a tee.

Address: 442 Orchard Road, #01-02, Claymore Connect, Singapore 238879

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-1am
Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am

Find Muddy Murphy’s screening schedules here!

15. The Penny Black



You will feel like you have stepped into a pub on Oxford Street as soon as you enter The Penny Black. With the dark wooden high tables and chairs, to the walls tastefully decorated with cold-beer on taps and wooden signs, this gorgeous antique old-school pub will send you back to the streets of London.

Now that you are brought back to old Victorian times, be prepared to be engulfed in the heated passion that English sports fans possess. Watch the Zozo Championship or Australian Open on the wide screens, and cheer all night long with your mates.

The Penny Black offers classic English food like Fish & Chips, Sunday Roast Beef, Bacon Butty and Bread & Butter Pudding that comes in extremely generous portions. Happy hour lasts for up to 8 hours with a wide selection of drinks to keep you going throughout the game. Sip on the finest pinot noir while overlooking the gleaming Singapore River and head inside to catch a football match. The Penny Black is versatile like that!

Fun fact: Just like at Muddy Murphy’s, the interior of The Penny Black was exclusively designed and built in London and then shipped all the way to Singapore. This way, we can all have an authentic taste of London in hot and humid Singapore. Cancel your flight ticket to Europe and make your way to The Penny Black instead!

Address: 26-27 Boat Quay, Singapore 049817

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Wednesday: 11.30am – 1am
Thursday-Friday: 11.30am – 3am
Saturday: 11.30am – 4.30am

Visit The Penny Black here for the latest list of sports events hosted!

Not a big sports fan?

No worries. You can show your sport-loving friends you appreciate them by asking them out to any of the above bars/pubs! Spend some quality time with them at a there because great beers are waiting for you. Who knows, you might get roped into liking the sport as well!

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