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Vegetarian Friendly Guide

On a plant-based diet? Here are some vegetarian friendly
 eateries to check out and be spoilt for choice! 
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Exquisite Dining for Vegetarians in Singapore

Eating healthily doesn’t mean having to only consume boring food when you know where the best dining spots are. ChopeDeals has done its research and compiled a list of high-end vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Find out where the best eateries are by browsing our listing today.

Eating Right for a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a vegetarian diet may seem daunting at first, but there are actually some key tips you can use to sustain a healthy diet without going crazy from the absence of meat. We’ve done our research and highlighted some of the most helpful tips for vegetarians to get substantial minerals and also enjoy their dining experience.

Firstly, make sure you diversify your protein options. Besides Tofu, you could try including more beans, nuts, and soy products into your diet. Get creative with your protein choices to avoid getting bored. Chinese restaurants like Lingzhi Vegetarian, in particular, offer mock meat dishes for vegetarians, too. Incorporating more protein into your diet also keeps you full. So make sure you include a substantial amount of it in your diet.

Second, jazz up your meals by getting creative with seasoning and sauces! Try to experiment with different cuisines and seasonings. If you enjoy heavy-carb meals opt for vegetarian pasta dishes at Acqua e Farina or pizza at Amò.

Third, if you are tired of eating vegetarian options listed on the menu, try to ask the staff if they can make regular dishes vegetarian by omitting meat. For instance, if you are keen to try Blue Jasmine’s stir-fried glass noodles, request for the chef to omit the seafood. ChopeDeals’ affiliated vegetarian-friendly restaurants are always willing and eager to allow you to customise your dish to suit your dietary restrictions.

Value-for-money Meatless Dining

While eating healthy is beneficial for your diet, we realize how costly it can be to maintain a vegetarian diet.

Whether you are a meat-lover or a vegetarian, it is the mission of the ChopeDeals to let our loyal customers experience exceptional dining experiences at superb bargains. Our range of economical vouchers makes vegetarian dining affordable and reasonable for all diners who need a treat at a delightful cafe every now and then.

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