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No, we are not going to show you a list of the best HDB coffee shops in Singapore. Instead, we have a comprehensive list of premium coffee houses in Singapore. If you are a coffee addict and you are craving for some coffee during the day, browse our catalogue for the best coffee houses in Singapore!
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The Ultimate Guide to Atas Coffee Houses in Singapore

Not-Your-Typical Caffeinated Drinks

While kopi from your local coffee shop in Singapore might be enough to give you that morning boost, but if you have decided to give yourself a treat, why not enjoy your coffee at one of our atas coffee houses? Not only do they have various caffeinated concoctions, but they also have a wide food menu to give you a hearty meal. We have categorised our deals based on the various coffee types. Whether you are craving for a cappuccino, mocha or something decaffeinated, we have some special selections for you.

For Fresh Roasted Coffee… Take a trip to Upper Thomson Road and visit the popular Habitat Coffee! With 100% Arabica beans that are ground on demand, Habitat Coffee has become a must-visit cafe at Upper Thomson road. Most diners go for classics like their iced long black and warm flat white. These fresh beverages pair well with their all-day brunch items. If you are not the biggest coffee person, you can also opt for their organic chocolate drinks.

For Cold Brew Coffee… Visit Atlas Coffeehouse at Bukit Timah for a refreshing bottle of their special cold brew coffee. It is one of their best-sellers and is always out of stock before their closing. Cold brew coffees have a much more concentrated coffee taste than regular coffee. Instead of using heat to extract the coffee oils, sugars and caffeine, cold brew coffees rely on time for the coffee flavours to be fully extracted. This way, the coffee taste does not go bitter or flat.

For Blend Coffee… Drop by Hoshino Coffee! They have several outlets in Singapore including Bedok Point, Capitol Piazza, Chinatown Point, Kinex Mall, and Raffles Holland Village. They might be known for their unique hand-dripped coffee, but what really sets Hoshino Coffee apart from other coffee houses is their unique blend coffee. Blend coffee refers to a mixture of two or more coffee beans. You can choose various combinations including the signature Hoshino blend coffee (Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico), Hikoboshi (Guatemala, Columbia and Brazil), and Orihime (Brazil and Kenya). Each blend varies in sweetness, acidity, bitterness and roast. They also have different flavours - roasted nuts, dark chocolate and biscuity and floral.

Sadly, getting your morning coffee from these coffee houses is probably not wallet-friendly. On the bright side, we have a cost-saving solution for you!

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We have a wide variety of vouchers to help you dine at your favourite cafes without breaking the bank. Simply purchase the voucher ahead of time and show them the voucher before ordering.

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