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Best Hotpot & BBQ Deals

Craving for some sizzling BBQ or a bubbling hotpot meal? Get your fix for less with these deals at the best hotpot and BBQ restaurants in Singapore!


  • Niku Katsumata on Chope
    Bought 5776 times

    Niku Katsumata

    Duxton, Tanjong Pagar, Asian
  • Takayama Japanese Restaurant on Chope
    Bought 2381 times

    Takayama Japanese Restaurant

    Tanjong Pagar, Asian
  • Matsukiya on Chope
    Bought 931 times


    Orchard, Asian
  • Mikuni on Chope
    Bought 893 times


    City Hall, Asian
  • Renga-ya on Chope
    Bought 3170 times


    CHIJMES, City Hall, Asian
  • Basil & Thyme on Chope
    Bought 434 times

    Basil & Thyme

    East Coast, BBQ
  • Bar Bar Q on Chope
    Bought 259 times

    Bar Bar Q

    Promenade, Marina Central, Bar
  • Hopscotch (Capitol) on Chope
    Bought 34 times

    Hopscotch (Capitol)

    City Hall, Bar
  • Magosaburo on Chope
    Bought 754 times


    Orchard, BBQ
  • Shima Restaurant on Chope
    Bought 524 times

    Shima Restaurant

    Orchard, Asian
  • Si Wei Xiao Hot Pot on Chope
    Bought 91 times

    Si Wei Xiao Hot Pot

    Chinatown, Chinese
  • Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot on Chope
    Bought 599 times

    Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot

    Chinatown, Outram, Chinese
  • COCA at Suntec - Up to 20% Off Buffet on Chope
    Bought 2885 times

    COCA at Suntec - Up to 30% Off Buffet

    City Hall, Esplanade, Promenade, Marina Central, Buffet
  • Heavenly Hotpot Buffet Deals That Won’t Disappoint

    Be it a rainy day, or a get together with family and friends, hotpot is the ideal experience to bond over food, have a laugh, and leave your post-week stress behind. The origin of hotpot is thought to have originated from Mongolia, where warriors and horsemen dined in brotherly company, in front of a bubbling hotpot, to ease the cold and discuss the victories of the day. Below, we have put together our favorite hotpot restaurants for you to savor and warm your soul.

    Chinese/Thai Goodness Hotpot: Established in 1987, COCA has consistently warmed the hearts of many Singaporeans with their enticing hotpot buffets. The restaurant offers more than 60 food items to choose from, take your pick from the freshest seasonal seafood to meat and vegetables, and dunk them in the river of nourishing Double Boiled Treasure or Tom Yum soup base.

    Korean Beauty Hotpot: GoroGoro Steamboat is a Korean hotpot restaurant known for its collagen rich soup bases with more than seven flavors to choose from, including the famous Singapore Pepper Bak Kut Teh, Korean Ginseng, Beauty Collagen and Mala. Be dazzled by the extensive selection of more than 70 superior ingredients to tantalize your taste buds. End your meal with the nourishing Peach Gum dessert.

    Thai Wonder Hotpot: If you are living in the North, be sure to check out this wholesome hotpot joint, Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot. The halal-certified restaurant offers a cozy and relaxing dining experience with a myriad of fresh food items and six irresistible Thai soup bases to choose from, including the popular Sweet Basil Chicken, Red Tom Yum and Khao Soi. For dessert, seek out the divine Mango Sticky Rice and Khanom Tako (Thai pudding with coconut topping).

    Awesome Hotpot Buffet Deals To Tempt And Beguile You

    Be swept away by our irresistible hotpot buffet deals that are invigorating and guilt-free. Grab your vouchers with Chope today!

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