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Chilli Crab Guide

An unofficial national dish? Check out these listed restaurants for delectable stir-fried crab coated with sweet, savoury and spicy tomato based sauce. Dip your favourite deep fried mantous into this savoury sauce!
  • Dancing Crab (Orchard Central) - Singapore - Orchard

    Dancing Crab (Orchard Central)

    Orchard, American
  • TungLok Signatures (The Central) on Chope

    TungLok Signatures (The Central)

    Orchard, Tanglin, Asian
  • TungLok Seafood (d’Arena, Jurong) on Chope
  • TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central) on Chope
  • Exclusive Chilli Crab Deals No One Can Resist

    Most Singaporeans would have tried Chilli Crab at least once in his life. Served piping hot with deep-fried mantou (馒头, bun), Chilli Crab is sinful but oh so good. Every Singaporean loves a heaping plate of it every once in a while.

    Luckily for you, we offer exclusive ChopeDeals vouchers for Chilli Crab. Yes, you read that right - the team at ChopeDeals has worked hard to offer these deals at our top restaurants and eateries that specialize in Chilli Crab. You can save up to 50% and more on your meals!

    Browse our listings to learn more today.  

    Chilli Crab, A Local Favourite

    Believe it or not - Chilli Crab was actually listed on CNN Go’s World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods. It sits at number 35 on the list.

    Chilli Crab has been heavily boasted and publicized by The Singapore Tourism Board as a key element of Singapore’s National Cuisine. In fact, it is served at a variety of Chinese and local restaurants and cooked to perfection for succulent flavour.  

    Unfortunately, Chilli Crab does not come without a hefty price tag. Due to its popularity among both locals and tourists, it can be costly!  

    That’s where our ChopeDeals vouchers come in.  

    How ChopeDeals Vouchers Work

    Helping you save on your favourite foods at some of the most popular restaurants and cafes is our utmost priority. That's how the concept of vouchers at ChopeDeals was developed. Our team is dedicated to offering value-for-money deals to exquisite local and international favourites.

    All you have to do to enjoy your Chilli Crab with this steal is to pre-purchase the voucher ahead of time. Be sure to present the voucher to the restaurant of your choice to enjoy your Chilli Crab and save at the same time!

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