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Best Korean Buffet Deals

Get your fill of free-flow K-BBQ at a fraction of the price with best Korean buffet deals!


Alluring Korean Buffet Deals That Will Send You To Delicious Euphoria

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) has captured the fascination of Singaporeans as evidenced by the number of restaurants popping up across the island. Having a Korean meal is all about good food and communal eating. A typical Korean buffet can turn any meal into an exciting feast with its array of quality meats and vegetables, coupled with an assortment of banchan (side dishes), that will render you giddy with awe and delight. Below, we have put together the most enticing buffet deals that are enjoyable and yet affordable, to help you plan your next Korean fare.

The 90 Minutes Quest: As the name suggests, 90 Minutes is a Korean restaurant offering 90 minutes of an unlimited amount of superior food items for its Tteokbokki hotpot buffet. Begin your meal with the famed Korean Fried Chicken, and move on to the Tteokbokki hotpot with more than 30 delectable items to choose from. Dunk your favorite meats and vegetables in the saporous hotpot and dip into the yummy sauces for a scrumptious meal. If you are in the mood for some Soju, try the flavored or original Soju to end your meal in a truly Korean fashion.

The BBQ/Dual Hotpot Quest: If you are unable to decide between a traditional Korean BBQ or hotpot, why not give Pot Addiction a go? This restaurant offers the flexibility to meld both options together, a BBQ hotplate to grill your extensive selection of fresh food items, and a dual hotpot to dunk your ingredients in the piquant soup base.

The Fusion BBQ Quest: This unique restaurant, Korean Fusion BBQ, marries the flavors of Korea and Singapore, as you soak in the pleasure of grilling your own food at your table. The other high point of this restaurant is that it opens till 2am, making it a great nocturnal food hunt for energetic food enthusiasts. Be sure to dig in the savory Char Siew Pork Belly, Spicy Bulgogi Pork Collar and Black Pepper Fish. End your meal with the luscious blueberry or cookie ice-cream.

Delightful Korean Buffet Deals That Are Wallet-Friendly

At Chope, we’ve got you covered for the best value-for-money Korean buffets that will leave you satiated and craving for more.

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