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FAQ on Chope Dining Vouchers (Shopee)


  1. Purchase your desired restaurant voucher on Shopee.
  2. Type your email address in the "message" field when checking out.
  3. Receive your Chope voucher via email within 3-5 minutes.
  4. Click "Order Received" when you receive the email.
  5. Make your reservation via Chope's website ( or Chope App before you dine at your selected restaurant. (You do not need to apply any code during reservation).
  6. To redeem, present your voucher (with the QR Code) to the restaurant and enjoy your meal!

It's that simple. Dine smarter and happier with Chope Vouchers!

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Issues on Shopee's Site

I have placed an order but have not received my vouchers. Why is that so? icon-arrow-up
Kindly wait 3 to 5 minutes for the voucher to be sent to your email. Please ensure that you have entered the correct email address under the ‘Message’ field during checkout.
Where can I find the vouchers that I have purchased? icon-arrow-up
Vouchers purchased from Shopee will be sent to the email address you provided. Please remember to check your spam or junk mail if you did not receive it.
Will the vouchers appear in my Chope app? icon-arrow-up
If you would like to have the vouchers in your app, please enter the same email address used for your Chope account so that they can be in sync.
When does my voucher expire? icon-arrow-up
Vouchers are typically valid for 90 days from the time of purchase. However, as different vouchers may have different validity period, please check the terms and conditions of your voucher.
I purchased more than 1 voucher, but why did I only receive 1 QR code? icon-arrow-up
Chope vouchers are smart e-vouchers that combine all your purchases into one code for your ease of reference, and you can use the same voucher code during redemption. Simply inform the restaurant the number of vouchers you would like to use during each visit!
I purchased vouchers from more than 1 restaurant, how can I redeem them since there is only 1 QR code? icon-arrow-up
As each restaurant is only able to see, and fulfil vouchers of their own restaurant you do not have to worry about the restaurant making a wrong redemption!
I have other questions, what should I do? icon-arrow-up
You may wish to contact Shopee at +65 6206 6610 or email

Issues on Chope's Site

I have purchased multiple vouchers on Shopee, can I redeem all the codes in one order on Chope? icon-arrow-up
As only one code can be used at a time, you will have to make multiple checkouts on Chope.
I only bought a $50 voucher on Shopee, but I would like to purchase more on Chope. What can I do? icon-arrow-up
Simply add multiple vouchers into your cart and top up the difference in value using your debit/credit card!
Can I use multiple vouchers in one sitting and at the same table? icon-arrow-up
Most restaurants do accept multiple vouchers to be used in one sitting, but there are restaurants with stricter redemption policies in place. Kindly check the terms of use of your preferred restaurant vouchers before purchase to be sure.
Can I use any unused value from my Chope Vouchers for a next visit? icon-arrow-up
Each individual Chope Voucher is meant for a one-time use only. However, if you have purchased several Chope Vouchers, you may use the remaining individual vouchers for your next visit. For example, if you have pre-purchased 2 $50 vouchers ($100 in total), and your final bill at the restaurant is $89, you may choose to fully utilise both vouchers, or use one $50 voucher, and pay the remaining $39 with cash or credit card at the restaurant. The other $50 voucher can be used for your subsequent visit to the restaurant. However, If you choose to use both vouchers, you will not be refunded any unused balance.
I have purchased a Chope Voucher, but my bill at the restaurant exceed the amount that I have purchased. What can I do? icon-arrow-up
You may wish to purchase another Chope Voucher, or top up the remaining using cash or credit card.
Must I make a reservation to use the Chope Voucher? icon-arrow-up
Most restaurants require diners to make a reservation at before dining while some vouchers can be utilized immediately without making a reservation. Please make sure to check the voucher's terms and conditions.
Is there an expiry date for the Voucher? icon-arrow-up
Chope Vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated. Please check the expiry date on the voucher before purchase.
Do I have to print my vouchers? icon-arrow-up
We would strongly encourage our diners to print out the vouchers for a smoother billing process. Should you have difficulties printing, please inform the restaurant in advance so that they are aware of the situation.
I have other questions, what should I do? icon-arrow-up
You may wish to visit our Chope Vouchers FAQ page here or email us at
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