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Tim Ho Wan

Be spoilt for choices with Tim Ho Wan's wide array of dim sum that has won the heart of food critics and foodies from around the world!

Indulge in Authentic Hong Kong Treats at Tim Ho Wan

Why travel to Hong Kong for Dim Sum when you can just fix your cravings at Tim Ho Wan? What’s better is that you can actually save when you use ChopeDeals. Choose one of the seven Tim Ho Wan outlets near your area to get your Dim Sum fix now! 

Some Background on Tim Ho Wan

The Tim Ho Wan company has outlets all over the Asia Pacific. To date, there are seven Tim Ho Wan outlets in Singapore.

Chef Mak Kwai Pui founded Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. The eatery offers sumptuous and affordable Dim Sum that is served promptly its customers with maximum effort and quality. Since its founding, Tim Ho Wan has always remained committed to serving its customers the most authentic and affordable Dim Sum. They have since expanded past Hong Kong into mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Since Tim Ho Wan opened its doors in Singapore, countless locals have been patronizing this 24-hour eatery. In fact, the eatery has always had a snaking queue during peak hours like lunch time and dinner. And it’s no wonder why - they have some of the best Dim Sum dishes in town! Thankfully, the queues die down during tea-time and brunch, if you want to avoid the snaking queue, make sure you head over to Tim Ho Wan during brunch or tea.

To date, Tim Ho Wan is one of the most popular Hong Kong eateries in Singapore. Some local favourites at Tim Ho Wan are their baked BBQ pork buns, prawn rice rolls, steamed sponge cake and pork congee with century and salted eggs. Make sure you give these savoury delights a try when you’re dining at Tim Ho Wan! Tim Ho Wan also offers seasonal dishes at various times of the year like red goji osmanthus cakes, so if you are feeling adventurous, savour on these treats before they are out of season!

Value-for-Money Deals for Your Favourite Dim Sum

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