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Top Japanese Dining Deals

 Whether it's sushi, sashimi, or donburi bowls, you can't go wrong with Japanese food! We've come up with a list of our favourite picks to make your next meal a drool-worthy yet pocket-friendly one.

  • Niku Katsumata on Chope
    Bought 6728 times

    Niku Katsumata

    Duxton, Tanjong Pagar, Asian
  • Japanese Rice Bowl + Drink Set by Umi Nami on Chope
    Bought 7177 times

    Japanese Rice Bowl + Drink Set by Umi Nami

    Holland Village, Healthy Eats, Asian
  • Mitsu Sushi Bar on Chope
    Bought 6227 times

    Mitsu Sushi Bar

    Duxton, Tanjong Pagar, Asian
  • Shukuu Izakaya on Chope
    Bought 3557 times

    Shukuu Izakaya

    Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place, Asian
  • Renga-ya on Chope
    Bought 4220 times


    CHIJMES, City Hall, Asian
  • Bincho on Chope
    Bought 3418 times


    Tiong Bahru, Asian
  • Ohayo Mamasan on Chope
    Bought 2064 times

    Ohayo Mamasan

    Orchard, Bar
  • WAKANUI Grill Dining Singapore
    Bought 2321 times

    WAKANUI Grill Dining Singapore

    Marina Bay, New Zealand, Japanese
  • Takayama Japanese Restaurant on Chope
    Bought 3352 times

    Takayama Japanese Restaurant

    Tanjong Pagar, Vegetarian Friendly, Asian
  • Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles (Jewel) on Chope
    Bought 1570 times

    Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles (Jewel)

    Changi, Changi Airport, Asian
  • Sushi Jiro (Keppel Bay) on Chope
    Bought 1363 times

    Sushi Jiro (Keppel Bay)

    Harbourfront, Asian
  • Matchaya (Takashimaya) on Chope
    Bought 1257 times

    Matchaya (Takashimaya)

    Orchard, Somerset, Ice Cream, Cafe
  • Matsukiya on Chope
    Bought 1266 times


    Orchard, Asian
  • Matchaya (The Cathay) on Chope
    Bought 963 times

    Matchaya (The Cathay)

    Dhoby Ghaut, Ice Cream, Cafe
  • Takeshi-San on Chope
    Bought 735 times


    Holland Village, Japanese
  • Taki Izakaya Bar on Chope
    Bought 845 times

    Taki Izakaya Bar

    Raffles Place, Bar
  • Sen of Japan on Chope
    Bought 689 times

    Sen of Japan

    Marina Bay, Asian
  • USHIO on Chope
    Bought 560 times


    Raffles Place, Asian
  • Shima Restaurant on Chope
    Bought 652 times

    Shima Restaurant

    Orchard, Asian
  • Hanare by Takayama on Chope
    Bought 607 times

    Hanare by Takayama

    Orchard, Japanese
  • IPPUDO (Guoco Tower) on Chope
    Bought 479 times

    IPPUDO (Guoco Tower)

    Tanjong Pagar, Noodle, Asian
  • Kyoaji Dining on Chope
    Bought 608 times

    Kyoaji Dining

    Orchard, Japanese
  • Kurama Robatayaki X Sushi Murasaki on Chope
    Bought 496 times

    Kurama Robatayaki X Sushi Murasaki

    Marina Bay, Promenade, Marina Central, Asian
  • Mikuni on Chope
    Bought 938 times


    City Hall, Asian
  • Matsuya Dining on Chope
    Bought 332 times

    Matsuya Dining

    Bugis, City Hall, Asian
  • Matchaya (Paragon) on Chope
    Bought 392 times

    Matchaya (Paragon)

    Orchard, Muslim-Friendly, Somerset, Ice Cream, Desserts
  • Oishii Ristorante on Chope
    Bought 317 times

    Oishii Ristorante

    Telok Ayer, Vegetarian Friendly, Fusion
  • Splendid Japanese Restaurant Deals that will make you Go “Oishi”!


    That's how the Japanese say Let's Eat.

    Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines anywhere in the world.  From exquisite sushi, hearty dons (rice bowls), yakitori (skewers), and ramen, Japanese restaurants are guaranteed to give you the most gastronomic experience.

    At Chope, we offer deals to some of the most exquisite Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Dine in the cosiest of ambiences and feast on the best Japanese dishes that are sure to make you go “Oishi” (delicious)!

    Simply scroll down to view some of the best deals at the most splendid Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Remember to say "Ochisou Sama Deshita" (thank you for the meal) after you have eaten your fill.

    Japanese Fine Dining, Theme Cafes and Japanese Grills

    At Chope, we believe that no one can go wrong with Japanese food.

    Meticulously prepared by seasoned chefs with years and years of experience, Japanese dishes are guaranteed to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Also, there is so much variety! Even if you’re not an avid Japanese food lover, there is definitely something for everyone on the menu at a Japanese restaurant. Some of our favourites include Chirashi Don (Japanese rice bowl topped with Sashimi), Yakitori, and Dragon Roll (Sushi topped with Salmon Sashimi and stuffed with avocado and other vegetables).

    Save with Deals today

    Sadly, most Japanese restaurants are pretty expensive. It’s difficult to experience Japanese fine dining without a hefty price tag. But why splurge when you can save with our pre-purchased Deals vouchers?  

    Luckily for you, Chope has great deals at some of the finest Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Avoid splurging by pre-purchasing discounted vouchers from our website! Our Deals vouchers entitle you to special discounts that can help you save even at the finest Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

    Save up to 50% when you use Deals vouchers at our affiliated restaurants.

    All you have to do is choose a deal from our list of affiliated restaurants and pre-purchase your Deals voucher ahead of your mealtime. This way, you can save and savour those delicious meals at your favourite Japanese restaurants.

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