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100 Best-Selling Food Deals on Chope

Curated ranking of our 100 top-selling dining deals! From top-notch restaurants to instagrammable brunch spots, check out what our diners have been loving. 

  • Melt Cafe - 20% off Lunch & Dinner Buffet on Chope
    Bought 8577 times

    Melt Cafe - 15% off Lunch & Dinner Buffet

    City Hall, Marina Bay, Promenade, Marina Central, Buffet
  • Coucou Hotpot‧Brew Tea ( Suntec City )
    Bought 451 times

    Coucou Hotpot‧Brew Tea ( Suntec City )

    Promenade, Marina Central, Asian
  • Mamasan Wagyu Sandwich Brunch from Ohayo Mamasan at 313@Somerset in Orchard, Singapore
    Bought 804 times

    Ohayo Mamasan

    Orchard, Bar
  • Dancing Crab (Northshore Plaza 2)
    Bought 417 times

    Dancing Crab (Northshore Plaza 2)

    Punggol, All-Day Breakfast
  • Signature Curry Chicken Set by Curry Times
    Bought 32 times
    Halal Certified

    Signature Curry Chicken Set by Curry Times

    Changi Airport, Novena, Jurong, Yishun, Asian
  • Food Spread from The Fortune Cookie in Bugis, Singapore
    Bought 48 times

    The Fortune Cookie

    Bugis, Chinese
  • Spring Court on Chope
    Bought 902 times

    Spring Court

    Chinatown, Chinese
  • Slappy Cakes (Northshore Plaza 2)
    Bought 73 times

    Slappy Cakes (Northshore Plaza 2)

    Punggol, All-Day Breakfast
  • Bakalaki Greek Taverna on Chope
    Bought 4694 times

    Bakalaki Greek Taverna

    Tiong Bahru, Outram, Greek
  • Peppermint - 15% Off Buffet on Chope
    Bought 9678 times
    Halal Certified

    Peppermint - 15% Off Buffet

    Esplanade, Marina Bay, Marina Central, Buffet
  • Little Caesars Pizza on Chope
    Bought 3612 times

    Little Caesars Pizza

    Esplanade, Holland Village, American
  • Sold Out
    Bincho at Hua Bee on Chope
    Bought 3167 times

    Bincho at Hua Bee

    Tiong Bahru, Asian
  • Summer Palace on Chope
    Bought 5559 times

    Summer Palace

    Orchard, Tanglin, Asian
  • Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar on Chope
    Bought 7540 times

    Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

    Bugis, City Hall, Italian
  • Basilico on Chope
    Bought 19933 times


    Orchard, Tanglin, Buffet
  • Keong Saik Bakery on Chope
    Bought 1392 times

    Keong Saik Bakery

    Keong Saik, Tanjong Pagar, Kreta Ayer, Cafe
  • Terra Madre on Chope
    Bought 244 times

    Terra Madre

    Dempsey, Australian
  • Melt Café on Chope
    Bought 2215 times

    Melt Café

    City Hall, Marina Bay, Promenade, Marina Central, Buffet
  • True Blue Cuisine on Chope
    Bought 1080 times

    True Blue Cuisine

    City Hall, Asian
  • Wheeler's Yard on Chope
    Bought 1607 times

    Wheeler's Yard

    Balestier, All-Day Breakfast
  • Sold Out
    Oscar's - 20% Off Buffet on Chope
    Bought 10805 times

    Oscar's - 20% Off Buffet

    City Hall, Marina Bay, Promenade, Marina Central, Buffet
  • Shukuu Izakaya on Chope
    Bought 3259 times

    Shukuu Izakaya

    Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place, Asian
  • 49 Seats on Chope
    Bought 1706 times

    49 Seats

    Orchard, Asian
  • Braci on Chope
    Bought 2773 times


    Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Italian
  • Cherry Garden on Chope
    Bought 122 times

    Cherry Garden

    City Hall, Marina Bay, Chinese
  • Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge on Chope
    Bought 1062 times

    Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge

    Marina Bay, Raffles Place, Italian
  • Knockhouse Cafe on Chope
    Bought 1348 times

    Knockhouse Cafe

    Thomson, Cafe
  • Tea Lounge on Chope
    Bought 1870 times

    Tea Lounge

    Orchard, Tanglin, British
  • Clinton Street Baking Company on Chope
    Bought 4874 times

    Clinton Street Baking Company

    Bugis, All-Day Breakfast
  • Tapas Club (VivoCity) on Chope
    Bought 4936 times

    Tapas Club (VivoCity)

    Harbourfront, Spanish
  • Sold Out
    Riders Café on Chope
    Bought 3184 times

    Riders Café

    Bukit Timah, Modern European
  • A Quintessential Guide to Chope's Best Selling Deals

    If you are spoilt for choice on places to eat, then you are in luck because the search is over. Chope has collated a comprehensive selection of our best-selling vouchers to help you find great restaurant deals Browse our listing to find your deal today.

    Spoilt for Choice?

    What makes Jamie’s Italian, Garibaldi Italian Restaurants and Bar, Bao Makers and other restaurants in this collection Chope’s best selling deals? These restaurants serve the tastiest dishes, provide the best customer service and also have the cosiest ambiences.

    When browsing our online guide, it's easy to be spoiled for choice because our listing is extensive. But don’t worry, we have narrowed down the best of the best and categorised them according to various taste preferences.

    If you want something sinful… treat yourself to a piping hot plate of Chili Crab at No Signboard Seafood if you want a hearty cheat meal. We can guarantee that you will be fully contented after your meal.

    If you want something savoury… head over to The Market Grill, Dancing Crab or TungLok Teahouse for some savoury goodness that won’t leave you feeling bloated.

    If you want something sweet… try Clinton Street Baking Company’s blueberry pancakes for a sweet treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even if blueberries are not your thing, this eatery has a variety of sweet and savoury pancakes.

    If you want to somewhere comfy… Hoshino Coffee may be a little on the pricy end, but their restaurants are still great places for a catch-up with friends or long HTHTs (heart to heart talks). Make sure you give their lattes and coffees a go!

    If you want something a little more atas (refined)... try going to Aura for their elegant pasta dishes and mains. This restaurant also has a neat and charming ambience. If you want to impress your date, give this restaurant a try!   

    Luxurious Restaurants at a Steal

    Most of the time, dining luxuriously comes with a hefty price tag. Not at our platform, though!

    We came up with the concept of a voucher system which entitles customers to superb deals at some of the most deluxe and grand restaurants in Singapore. With over a hundred restaurants on our platform, there are deals on our platform for everyone!

    All you have to do to enjoy these perks is to purchase the voucher on our platform ahead of time. After which, present it to the restaurant of your choice and you are good to go!

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