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29 Sep 2019

8 Instagram-Worthy Cafes Near Haji Lane Perfect for Your Feed

8 Instagram-Worthy Cafes Near Haji Lane Perfect for Your Feed

Haji Lane is famous amongst locals and tourists alike for its graffitied walls and hipster cafes. A favourite hang-out spot for both locals and tourists, it’s also home to countless of multi-themed cafes. More often than not, the cafes located beyond the first two lanes of Haji Lane are usually left unexplored by many since there are already established eateries upfront. Here are 8 aesthetically pleasing cafes (perfect for your Instagram feed!) which serves great food and makes for the perfect next Instagram photo update.

1. Windowsill Pies 

Source: Windowsill Pies

Quaint, mystical and looking like it jumped straight out of a colourful picture book is the home to good ‘ol warm pies, Windowsill Pies. Founded in 2011, this bakery is dedicated to bringing the sweetest pies made of honest ingredients which will only leave you wanting more.

These pies are baked fresh every day and each pie on the menu is remarkable. Some must-haves include the signature Morello Cherry, their very own special rendition of a sour cherry pie, the seasonal Pumpkin Bourbon, the rich and zesty Coconut Lime Vodka and the evergreen classic Pecan pie. 

Insta-feed tip: Do opt for pies with different colours for a brighter and more diverse-looking photo. We recommend having these combinations - the Grasshopper (a pretty electric mint coloured and flavoured pie), Strawberry Lemon (a subdued yellow pie with a rustic touch of toasted meringue) and S’mores (because who doesn't like chocolates, marshmallows and cookies?) - for a lip-smacking yet aesthetic end product! 

Address: 17 Haji Lane, Singapore 189210

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday-Saturday: 11am-10pm

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2. Twenty Grammes

Source: Twenty Grammes 

As the famous saying goes, there is always room for dessert and in this case, there is always room for Twenty Grammes. Situated at the heart of North Bridge Road, this exquisite dessert boutique first started out as an outlet to bring together coffee and waffle lovers. Since the very beginning, they take pride in serving curated desserts lovingly made out of only fresh and quality ingredients.

We recommend their Ice-Cream Waffle Set - 4 generous scoops of ice-cream and 2 fluffy Belgian waffles - and Cake Set - 4 slices of in-house cakes. Both sets are good to be eaten and shared within groups of four, so grab your friends for a sweet treat! 

Insta-feed tip: Upon stepping into the cafe, their signature industrial-themed grey feature walls will be the first few things to capture your attention. Once you have received your order, you might want to hold your scrumptious plate of waffles or cakes against the wall for the money shot for the ‘gram. At Twenty Grammes, you don’t have to worry about bad lighting what with the warm bronze lights overhead and natural light which is constantly streaming in. Hop onto their Instagram here for some food-shot inspirations!

Address: 753 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198721

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Friday: 12pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-1am

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3. Yummo Chow

 Source: Yummo Chow 

If you are ever craving for fried ice-cream or have not gotten around to trying this Millenial dish yet, Yummo Chow should be next on your eatery list. The cafe is nestled inside the lobby of Hotel NuVe on Purvis Street, so make sure to not just pass by it the next time you are in the area. 

So what should you have here? Apart from their famous Tempura Ice-cream, the fiery Sambal Teri Wings, Soft Shell Crab Burger and Shiitake Tempura are also worth a try!

Insta-feed tip: Yummo Chow might not be big in terms of square feet but they make up for it by increasing the interior appeal. Their monochromatic tiled flooring does not only liven up the cafe but makes for a great flat lay backdrop for your Tempura Ice-cream! 

Address: 13 Purvis Street, Hotel NuVe Heritage, Singapore 188592

Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 7am-9pm

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4. Afterwit

Source: Afterwit

 Mexican food is hearty and none of their dishes skimps out on carbs or flavour. The dishes Singaporeans are more familiar with include tortillas, burritos, nachos and guacamole dip. They are so versatile that they make for a great filling meal, for when you are on-the-go or even as a snack while you Netflix your way through a chill weekend.

Afterwit first made its debut in the Singapore food scene in 2015. It quickly gained popularity for being the few Halal Mexican eateries in Singapore and gained a reputation for its spicy (literally) menu. According to the rave it has received from first-time and repeated patrons alike, Afterwit’s Cajun Chicken Nachos, Beef Brisket Biryani Burritos and Mud Crab & Avocado Quesadillas are to die for.

Insta-feed tip: Mexican cuisines are all about the spices and colours! Take advantage of the pretty colours and make them the focus of your photos. The walls of the cafe are painted green - befitting of the indie cafe aesthetics - but if you are all for the natural light, you can choose to dine al fresco and witness the colour contrast in the ingredients pop even more.

Address: 778 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198746

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm

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5. Konditori Artisan Bakes


Konditori Artisan Bakes takes on a European bakery concept, bringing only the freshest pastries and bakes made from scratch by hand to their display sills. Brought to life by the team of people behind Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, this quaint boulangerie boasts a minimal yet elegant interior. Think white spaces with hints of gold linings and marble counters. Freshly baked treats which adorn their wide glass window daily also does a very good job at enticing customers in for a croissant or two.

Bakes available for the day are typically displayed behind their window sill. Upon stepping into this heavenly space, expect your nose buds to be assaulted by the inviting smells of Blackforest Croissant, Lemon Meringue Tart, Madeleines, Raspberry Scones and Orange Brioche. One can never go wrong with pastries.

Insta-feed tip: Big glass windows with warm golden lights shining upon enticing fresh bakes? It’s a big yes from us! Hold up your savoury treats up against the display window for that classic golden shot. You no longer have to fly all the way to Europe for that tea time at a bakery shot now.

Address: 33 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199451

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Sunday: 10.30am-9pm

Find out more about the Konditori Artisan Bakes here!


6. Asian Rad Afters


This new kid on the block (painted the prettiest shade of Tiffany blue) came from Osaka and specialises in bubble waffles or egglets, a more common term amongst Singaporeans. This warm dessert is commonly topped with ice-cream, fruits, cereals and more.

The Bubble Waffle is prepared immediately upon order so that every bite remains warm and fluffy. While they kept their originals such as Nutty Caramel, Blue City Chocolate and Japanese Garden, they also introduced The Singapore exclusives called Peranakan Road and Little SouQ for this outlet at Bali Lane.

The entire cafe is painted and furnished in Tiffany blue with gold trimmings on the photo frames, lamps and shelves. The potted plants also add a dash of tropical elegance which matches their wrapping cone well. 

Insta-feed tip: Yes, we know the Bubble Waffles already look good by themselves but you can also take advantage of the Tiffany blue-clad interior. The colour contrast of your toppings against the serene blue deserves lots of hearts on Instagram and will definitely generate questions along the lines of, “So pretty! Where is this at?”. 

Address: 33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869 

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday-Thursday: 11.30am-7pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 11.30am-7pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Learn more about the Asian Rad Afters here!


7. Earlybird Cafe


Earlybird Cafe is a humble two-storey ‘bird-themed’ café opened by the same people behind the Revelry Cafe in Upper Bukit Timah. True to their theme, they have bird murals on their walls inside with bird nest lamps hanging above the tables.  

This cafe is hard to miss what with its deep grey exterior walls, bright yellow signage and white tables and chairs laid outside. At night, yellow light illuminates the entrance and makes for a great relaxing spot after a long day of work. As much as the ambience and interior are great for the eyes, we could say the same for their artistically plating as well. They receive a lot of rave for their Chicken & Pancakes which are succulent and fluffy all at once but The Hotcake Bling is a must-get for a fairytale touch to your Instagram feed. Sitting on a thick bed of hotcake is ice-cream topped with pink fairy floss, an overturned ice-cream cone with a generous splash of rainbow sprinkles.

Insta-feed tip: The three birds mural makes for the cutest brunch photo spot while the sun rays come streaming in through the long windows next to it. With a ton of natural light, you are sure to get the best shot of your food and yourself!

Address: 17 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199149

Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-8pm
Friday: 8am-9.30pm
Saturday: 9am-9.30pm

Read on more about Earlybird Cafe here!


8. Looksee Looksee 


Cafes are amazing but a reading room and tea salon is a level above amazing - and that is Looksee Looksee for you. Here, you can leisurely flip through design and art books and magazines with a cup of tea in hand. This tea house brings on a soothing ambience with its pastel colour scheme and more often than not, you will see curious gazes coming from the passers-by.

Looksee Looksee changes its menu monthly so you can expect a variety with every visit. They operate on a unique tipping basis which is hard to come across in Singapore, so feel free to tip however much you would like to show your appreciation to the people who made this tea house possible.

Insta-feed tip: The highlight of the interior definitely goes to the pink couches and tall shelves of books written by local writers. Pose with your calming cup of tea by the local speciality tea company A.muse Projects in front of the well-kept shelf or on the pink bean bags and there you go, yet another photo fit for Instagram. 

Address: 267 Beach Rd, Singapore 199545

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Tuesday: 11am-5pm
Thursday-Friday: 11am-5pm
Closed on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Find out more about how Looksee Looksee works here!


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